Dairy-free - Beware of Nolvadex

Dairy-free - Beware of Nolvadex

Dairy-free - Beware of Nolvadex I have just read an article which says Nolvadex D contains lactose which is a form of dairy. As I am following a dairy free diet I was wondering if I should ask to be changed to another form of tamoxifen. I am 100% ER+ and PR+ postivie. Are there others in this position?

More information Hi Jeannie

You might find this information from cancer research uk cancerhelp.org.uk/
help/default.asp?page=5253 useful. We will look into this in more detail for you and post a response soon.

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Hi Jeannie

There is a liquid formulation of Tamoxifen - Brand Soltamox

which is lactose free


Clicked post (rather than amend) before. I actually wanted to highlight a lactose free fromulation of Tamoxifen was available -should this be appropriate to any individual for what ever reason - intolerance of lactose, diet issue. I’ve no idea exactly how much lactose in one tablet is compared to a specific volume of milk .

Lactose is commonly used in tablet formulation - it is usually possible to find an alternative - ask your Doctor/Pharmacist. I’m not making any comment on whether or not a switch should be made (this is a decision for an individual according to their thoughts on diet etc.)

More information from Breast Cancer Care In response to your enquiry about Nolvadex D (tamoxifen) as it contains lactose, unfortunately an alternative Tamoxifen medication that was lactose free is no longer available. The manufacturing of this type of Tamoxifen was discontinued in October 2005 as it was proved non viable to maintain supply, meaning the demand for the lactose alternative was not high enough to sustain its production.

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Further to information posted above. We are aware of a liquid form of Tamoxifen called Soltomax Solution.

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Arimidex contains lactolose too I have been following a dairy free diet too and I have just started Arimidex (4 days ago). I find that Arimidex contains lactulose monohydrate. I find this very frustrating but - what can we do. The preventive power of Arimidex I hope is stronger than any damage lactulose can do.

all advice welcomed


APS tamoxifen I am on tamoxifen by APS (Approved Prescription Services Ltd).

The list of ingredients are:

tamoxifen citrate, mannitol, povidone, sodium starch gylcolate, colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium sterate, hypromellose , polyethylene glycol and colour, titanium dioxide (E171)

I can’t see any mention of lactose or similar.

Hope this helps.