Dairy or not? Soya or not?

I am surprised to see no ( or little - haven’t read all through ) mention of diet. I am thinking in particular of the Plant Diet which avoids all dairy. I have no problem with doing this but what do others think and what do others think about soya products? I know there is some concern about plant oestrogens in soya but the Plant Diet recommends soya. What does one do?
Would really like to hear other people’s thoughts or experiences of this.

Good point to raise Sarcath!
I’d like to know more about this too. I’ve come off dairy produce (as far as poss but can’t resist chocolate!!) and have switched to goat’s milk products as I used to eat a lot of dairy. It’s so confusing! I read on here the other day that we shouldn’t eat broccoli either!! Is there a definitive list of what we should and shouldn’t eat? (I’m ER+ but don’t require Chemo or Rads-just taking Tamoxifen.)
Also, what about bubble bath, moisturisers, perfume etc??
Thanks to anyone who can help us!

We have had this discussion on an earlier thread some time ago but unfortunately I can’t remember exactly when or the name of the thread. I know this is a subject that will always concern people (including myself four years after dx). The problem is that there is nothing definitive about what is and what isn’t good/bad/OK so everyone has to read all the (sometimes) conflicting evidence and make up their own minds. For example I read that there is one study (with animals) that suggests that soya counteracts the effects of tamoxifen and another that doesn’t! One thing that does seem generally agreed is that supplements containing soya isoflavones are not a good idea for people who are ER+. I personally don’t feel that there is enough scientific evidence yet to make me give up anything completely and I continue to eat both dairy and soya in moderation.

I gave up dairy four years ago after reading Jane Plant’s book while on chemo.It’s working well for me.Being triple neg and knowing there was nothing else for me after chemo was quite scarey at the time and going dairy free certainly gave me some peace of mind.It hasnt done me any harm- infact I have more energy these days and the weight seems to be staying off!..I’d say give it a try as theres nothing to lose and perhaps a lot to gain! As for the soya arguement hopefully it doesnt affect me as I’m hormone neg.

Regards from Joyce x