Danny Baker's battleground

Forgive me if anyone else has already commented on this, but I’ve been away since the end of July.

Did anyone listen to Danny Baker on Desert Island Discs? He said he got fed up with the ‘him fighting a battle’ thing. He said it was a battle with the person being the battle ground and the doctors and all the treatments fighting the cancer. I rather liked that analogy.

Stella xx

I half listened to DI discs but missed that, will listen again.

I hate the ‘cancer victim’ ‘fighting cancer’ etc tabloid descriptions. I agree his analogy is a much better one. I particularly don’t feel like a victim and feel it’s rather insulting to us all, as though we’ve been picked out specially, targetted and victimised. It’s random and just bliddy bad luck.

I like that too - it puts it into perspective - can imagine the chemo fighting the nasty cancer cells now in frocious battle !!!


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