dark brown sticky discharge

i have been referred to the hospital because i have a dark brown sticky discharge from one nipple. I have had a green/milky discharge for a number of years but i am very worried about the change in colour. Has anyone else been in a similar predicament and what was the outcome. I have heard that it is rare that brown sticky discharge is a rare symptom of breast cancer.

Hi Supermum

The rare form of breast cancer that presents with a discharge is Pagets - this is what i had. However, my discharge was a milky colour and once (only once) I had a tiny speck of blood on my bra. Actually, I am not convinced that the blood was not due to the skin breaking. Anyway - my nipple had also changed - it was flattened compared to the other one.

There are lots of things is can be…

What tests did they do at the hosp?


Hi supermum

Please feel free to call our helpliners who will be able to discuss your concerns with you on 0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Best wishes

Thanks for that. Last saturday was the first time that i noticed the change of colour and that was when i expressed a little. I haven’t really noticed a change in my nipple but my right breast is a bit ache-y, but that might be me just being tense. will know more after my hospital appointment on thursday afternoon. not quite sure what to expect and trying very hard to keep myself and my husband positive but i admit i have been a little teary today but thats to be expected i suppose.

Hi Supermum!
Try to stay positive. It could be other things too! Some of us are just unlucky. My symptoms were different to yours.
They will probably take a swab of the discharge and send it away, and also a mammogram (possibly an ultrasound).
They should be able to give you the mammo results on the same day.

I hope you can keep your mind off it… do something nice the weekend!
Lisa X

Thanks Lisa,
My G.P said it will be a long afternoon on Tuesday with a mammo, scan and blood tests. been trawling the sight and not found much about breast discharge so fingers crossed i will be okay. Everyone on here is so positive, its amazing. Thanks for your kind words
Helen x

Hi Helen
I hope all is ok… let us all know how you get on.

Lisa X

Good news. I have been to the breast clinic today and things look good. The doctor took a sample of the discharge and sent it off for screening. The mammogram was clear but the ultrasound showed multiple small cysts which he assured me was okay. The doctor said he did not think that there was any sign of cancer and expected the discharge to be more red than it was. He said that i may be because one of the milk ducts had collapsed. I was told about an operation to remove the duct with the brown discharge or i can go for a full duct removal from both breasts. I am due to go back nex week for the results from the discharge tests and discuss my options but i can say i feel so relieved. Thanks for your support, its nice to know that there are people out there who will listen and not judge you as you are faced with a range of emotions. I will let you know my results next week, Thanks again
Helen X

Hi Helen
Oh - that is really good news. I am so pleased for you!
You must feel like a huge weight has been lifted.

Lisa X

I went back to the hospital on Wednesday and saw a different doctor. She could not get any of the brown discharge out (typical) however the results from cytology on the discharge collected last week showed that it was blood. It was a brown colour because it was mixed with yellow milky discharge. She said that because it was blood then she strongly recommended that the duct be removed but because she couldn’t get any out they would monitor the situation. I have got to go back in two months so that the discharge (if still there) can be tested for blood and cells again but i looks like they will definately remove the duct even if the discharge has stopped. She said it may be papilloma so i just have to sit and wait now.