Dark chocolate is one of my new best/old friends ...

Hello everyone,


Since my diagnosis, I’ve started reading up on nutrition and BC, and it seems that there is a lot of misguided information out there, and in between it all some helpful stuff (I’ll keep reading).


I have also noticed that on the rollercoaster ride of emotions that I – like many/all of you – have been on these past few weeks (and which I’m sure is going to continue for a good long time) one of my new best (and also old) friends has been dark chocolate (70% cocoa content upwards).


I don’t know whether this forum is the right place to talk about, but I personally find chatting about foods which are good for you (body/soul and all that) rather enjoyable and hence helpful in itself.


So: what are your favourite go-to foods that help you deal with the mental/physical ups and downs (and potentially also the side effects of treatments)? And have you come across good advice on BC nutrition (besides that given on this website)?


Have a good weekend, everyone,