dark patches on skin

has anyone noticed brown patches on the area they’re having the rads? It’s worst just at the top of my scar. I hope it’s not permanent. I’ll ask at the hospital tomorrow but just wondered if anyone else notices it?

yep - got dark patches all over my boob and underarm - worst around nipple (which now seems to be peeling with pink skin showing through). Finished 15 rads + 5 boosts Thursday just gone. Hosp gave me hydrocortizone cream to use 2 x daily as well as using aqeuous cream 2 x daily - seems to be doing the trick. Warned me that the skin reaction would reach a peak 7 -10 days after last zap so main zapping area reached it’s peak 5 days before the boost area over my scar. I’m still very discoloured but not as sore as it was. Have had to stop wearing my crop (crap) top as it’s rubbing under my boob.

I’ve been told my skin’s doing well considering. I have 7 rads left then I’ve got 8 boosts. We go on hols 2 weeks after my treatment finishes so hopefully my skin will be on the mend by then, and I will of course stay out of the sun. The aqueous cream is helpful but sooooo boring compared to the scrummy body butter I usually favour.

mmmmmm body butter - I could almost eat it . . . . . . but for now going with the unflavoured scent/unlavoured taste soap and cream. They told me to use my common sense - whatever that may be - before I use anything with a new flavoure/scent

I was told that nearly all creams and stuff contain metals which react with the rads so only to use the aqueous cream (just paraffin wax) not even bio-oil which I thought would be OK. Pity it smells like paraffin too!!

it is OK to use E45 as well, the hospital staff told me. E45 is ever so slightly nicer than aqueous cream.

I am still using my “nice” creams on my legs :slight_smile:

I finished rads over 2wks ago and I have brown patches under my arm and around the scar site where they targeted the rads for the last 5. All these areas have peeled, even the nipple and still very sore.

I keep creaming well x2 daily and now nearly finished my 3rd tube of aqueous cream. Some tenderness is improving though. Put cream in fridge as this does help.

Great idea re putting cream in fridge. Yesterday the breeze went down my top and ah the relief. I crave something cold and refreshing there. Its itching like mad. Have finished rads and nurse gave me some E45 cream which is good for itching.