Darling buddies from May - moving on

hope you all wiggle your way over here from our other giant thread.
Just want to wish you a very Happy New Year and hoping that 2009 will be much better for all of us.
Go make those dreams happen
Lily x x

Wow - we’re here on our new thread! Happy New Year to one and all. Have the hangover from Hell, which in a way must be good as at least it means I had a (yep, just the 1!, OK you can say liar liar pants on fire)) drink last night! The evening was a disaster - ‘luxurious’ meant ‘from Iceland’ ! Disco meant ‘music up loud’ ! Cancelled our 1.30 am taxi and got a lift back earlier with one of our friends who wasn’t drinking. Mistake was continuing to drink when we all got back to ours so went to bed at 4am and woke up with headache, hmmmm, do I really want to drink more than last year as a NY resolution? Basically the night summed up my year - cr@p - so, onwards and upwards. Hope all of your New Years were better and you had a great time, BTW we still enjoyed ourselves as we were with good friends who have seen us through this (or should I say last?) year.
OK, New Year Resolutions:
To drink more than last year! (being tee total for so much of it means this is the 1st year I’ve ever said that)
To try at least one new recipe each week (my youngest will spur me on for that one - we’ve got loads to get through)
To go for a long walk at least twice a week (work and weather permitting)
To remain positive - goes with the territory
To seize the day

Love to you all and huge thanks for being there (and here) for me. Hope we all keep in touch even though BC shouldn’t be ruling our lives and totally understand if anyone needs to move on and get off this website :wink:
Happy 2009
Nicky x

Heya Ladies…

Wow what a night.

First things first… Congrats Lily on finishing the rads and making it all the way to this new year and new thread… woohoo.

We went to the pub next door. Too hot had to leave. Then the other pub… where they were demonstrating the act of enforced fun. ie crap music very very loud… conversations went like this… Hi… EH…I said Hi… CAN’T HEAR YOU… WOW NICE HAIR… thanks… CAN I STROKE IT… sure… WOW IT’S LIKE PUPPY FUR. I was stroked by at least 5 people (all good friends)… then we decided we didn’t need to noise and heat and left, we cooled down in about 20 secs in the minus 7 that it was outside.

Then we got home and turned out jools’s hootenany and was just in time to see Annie Lennox doing Why… that was it I’m not sure who blubbed first but I think even the dog did a bit. What an amazing performance really she was stunning. Sent a shiver it really did. sniff.

Hardly drank really, no hangover this morning at all, that’s a first for me.

Anyway I’d best go do my email now and leave you all to recover…

new years resolutions… well I quit smoking last year so that just leaves:

More Fun
Less Stress.


Love to you all


I had quite a quiet night in with our American cousin (who announced that he had to be at the airport before 5.30 am on New Years Day!!!), hubby, BIL and my Grandson. Our other visitors came down with chest infections and heavy colds and stayed away. Little chap vomited all over me (chocolate flavoured) at 3 am so not exactly a big celebration, to say the least! Everyone else phoned in to shout happy new year from their various parties. I had some champagne from a fab Harrods hamper that arrived from relatives for christmas, so quite relaxed but nowhere near hangover territory as having 11 here for dinner tonight and I need my brain to function as well as post chemo allows. Woke up with a red spotty, sore chest and some discomfort from the rads. Strange that it is bothering me after the event, the nurse said you are like a microwave, you will keep cooking and peak 7 - 10 days after finishing. Youch hope it does not get too much worse. Still its done so all the rest is time to get back to normal. Work is looming - argghhh and hooray, can’t decide. Went to get some more novaldex tablets and very pleased my Gp said yes to them and allowed himself to be bullied into giving me 2 monthe prescriptions. Told hime I was still trying to talk myself into a flu jab before going back into school. so he dashes off gets one and stabs me in the arm before I know it!! No side effects so far just a lump. I think it might be quite a while since he gave anyone an injection, threw it like a dart at me!!
So Happy new year everyone and lets shut the door on 2008.
My new motto is :slight_smile:
‘it doesn’t matter where I am, its who I am with that counts.’
My resolutions are

  1. to loose 2 stones
  2. to do a small amount of regular exercise
  3. to remember the dark places I have been and be happy with less than I used to
  4. to keep a sensible work/home balance and keep time for me/ the family.
  5. to be happy

Come on, so when is your next appointment?? Mine is Jan 9th for a 9 month check with the surgeon.(Some things don’t change, do they)
Lily x x

my next appt isn’t until Feb… woohoo. That will be my 1 year post op!

hi everyone, i also hope that its a good year for us all, i wish you all joy,peace, health,and happiness.

Lily 2008

well done girl! it seems so strange when everything comes to an end doesnt it? you are relieved, scared, excited and miss the reasurrance you get while going through treatment. i too was unsure about getting back to work, will i manage my energy levels? what if i need time off? and loads of other things. but i just decided to go for it, and see what happens, theirs nothing we cant handle after what weve been through! and the feelings are their even if its not about work, (must be the hormones) and i still have occasional horrid thoughts of what this disease might mean, but i just throw them away and walk on enjoying everyday.

nicky 08

what a shame you didnt enjoy new years eve, but theres plenty more ahead, and at least you had your tipple you enjoy. we had a great time, people thought it was hilarious when i turned up as a granny, i couldnt keep my false teeth in and talk at the same time, so they ended up in my glass. i wasnt very glamorous, badly applied make up, granny clothes (petticoat below me skirt, stockings down my ankles, grey hair (not all mine ) headscarf, cushion up back to provide my hump and walking stick, but it was worth it to make everyone laugh.

really like the new thread name, well done! and best wishes for 2009 everyone i havnt mentioned.

need to go and feed my belly, (well dont need to, but going to,) so i will speak to you all later and remember to enjoy each and everyday, its up to us.

take care. x my next appointment is 14th Jan,

beetroot booby reporting again!!! well the spots have gone but I look like I have been to Jamaica for 3 weeks now!! I wouldn’t mind if I had the holiday too! I hope it is calming down now. Sorry don’t want to put you off Julia, just keep blasting the aqueous cream on whenever you think of it. I have a tube of it so took mine in and applied it in the changing room each time before leaving. Good luck with yours, it is quite bizarre lying there when everyone runs out the room and first the warning sirens and then the mega loud buzzer goes off. Nothing unpleasant just made me jump out my skin each time.
Not sure what type of swimwear would cover my brown rectangular patch. I still had the blue dyed skin from the SNB so it has mixed with the red and gone a sort of fossilised green now!!! Very fetching I must say. Hope the surgeon does not think I have a gangrene boob!!!LOL. My appointment is the 12th so good job I checked the date. Think it is a touchy feely check and look at the surgery site, which is almost invisible now so he will be pleased with himself. Shame I met Zorro when I went across to the cardio vascular team, who wrecked his careful tunnelling work!
Lorraine thanks you have picked up exactly the thoughts running through my head. It is the reassurance I will miss but that was one of the reasons for going on the trial, so I had more medical contact, knew this would be a wobbly bit for me for a while. Fantastic costume, wish I could have seen you. How is Victor now? Also so sorry to hear about your back pain, be careful. Angie nice break till Feb for you. Are the moving plans going well? Nicky hope you will share the new dishes with us so we can be envious. I am going to try really hard to enjoy lettuce next year!!! Boooo.
Lisa your hair colours were amazing, laughed at your Mum’s story at the christening.
Well hope you all had a good first day in 2009. I had everyone here and it was a lovely start to the year.
Lily x

Hi all
Lily - I meant to add my congrats to you finishing rads. At least you do get a followup pretty soon plus regular contact after which will help reassure you. After my 1st dx I felt quite abandonned as you don’t see anyone for 3 months, then it goes to every 6 months. Hope your evening went well, dinner for how many? I barely made the evening as I was soooo tired and ended up in bed at 8pm (reading for a while 1st) and off to sleep by 9! Did need it though and feel much more with it today.
Lorraine - your fancy dress sounds great - especially the teeth in the glass bit! My youngest went to a fancy dress recently as an old lady and her sister did the special effects makeup on her so she looked really old. All her friends couldn’t believe it! She also had the popsocks down by her ankles and droopy petticoat.
Angie - I’m now expecting the stroke the hair bit as I’m going without the wig from today - couldn’t quite face it yesterday - yikes! Need to give it another colour as my grey bits at the front are showing through after the semi-permanent colour has rinsed off. Need to go a richer, shinier colour so out to get some today.
Lisa, Julia,Bev and everyone else have fun and take care
Nicky xx
ps next appt to see a Dr/onc is 12th Feb, think it’s just a followup to my mini rads but could be that I get some scans before then and this will be results day - in which case I won’t be looking forward to it at all!


can you believe it, 2 days of the new year gone already, time goes so quick, i mean look how quick last year past, even with all the rubbish we went through.

lily good idea the trial in one respect, like you say at least theirs someone to ask if you have any concerns.and talking of holidays, you could take one to jamaica now, as youve finished your ordeal! at least you could have matching boobs then.

nicky 08

i bet your enjoying a tipple or two? i like you dont look forward to scans but not really because of the outcome, i just hate the procedure, and generally feel crap after that dye stuff. but i may ask for one, cos at least it gives you reasurance (hopefully). i feel positive about how the cancer is doing, but maybe im just in denial? it works anyway, i enjoy every moment of every day, so no point in worrying.

sorry i cant remember everyones names to write individually, but i hope your all keeping well, and like lily said its been great to have the opportunity to be in touch with some lovely people who i class as friends now.

take care god bless you allx

Joanne you little devil, how are you? What is happening with you now? Hope you are well and enjoying time oof chemo, etc.
Nicky, well it was 11 to dinner so really crowded round the table and arms everywhere trying to test everything on the table. We had crackers again as little chap just loves us all to wear hats! Jokes get no better! Well done for growing enough hair and enjoy all the patting!!!
Tomorrow I am going to look at one of the shortlisted venues for the wedding so very excited to be doing something, even if it is a long way off yet. My cheeky SIL to be said it would give me and his Mum plenty of time to diet!!! I am more worried about having plenty of hair and being well! He is lovely but very independent and is determined that they are going to have the wedding they want. It makes me laugh when people try to tell him what they should do and even give their opinion on who should be bridesmaids, because he just says ‘it won’t happen.’ He is much sweeter to me and just gives me his little look if I get too carried away. I can’t help it, I am just too excited for words.Although I realised that with her 2 sisters being bridesmaids, brother being an usher and Dad giving her away - I am on my own!!! Not sure where I am going or how! Anyone know what happens to Mother of the bride? I think I must be moving on because I started sorting out rubbish today and throwing things away. Recycling is full to the brim and bin bags at strategic positions for collection now. I am not a tidy person so this is unusual behaviour for me. Hubby said ‘well done’, that is how unusual it is. LOL.
Lorraine I wish!!! Not sure I can afford Jamaica for some time with current low pay and Christmas and the wedding. I would not be surprised if the youngest announced a wedding too at the moment!!! Yikes! I am battling my son to revise for his first A levels this week, not very successfully I have to say. As soon as he opens the book he starts yawning like mad.
Hi to everyone else
Lily x

Hi all - including Joanne. This is a bit spooky as in my post from yesterday I was going to ask where you were - I’m sorry I didn’t now, you certainly hadn’t been forgotten. Hope you are doing well and avoiding this forum for all the right reasons.
OH, youngest and I went to London yesterday to exchange a pashmina (oooh, get me!) that my eldest had got me for Christmas, I wanted a deeper colour than the one she had chosen. Then shuffled our way up (and down) Oxford Street, which was awful and way too busy. Went off to the slightly less crowded New Bond Street and window shopped in all the jewellers - amazing stuff and so unaffordable. Also managed to get some lovely coloured tops from UniQlo which were reasonable and some skinny jeans (1st ever but need them to tuck into my new boots) surprisingly they did fit and I didn’t look like a denim sausage!
Disaster struck twice at home though. Hair dye I’d bought so I can confidently ‘go commando’ turned me more ginger rather than a subtle browny-red. Then realised it was a permanent colour not semi-perm, ahhhhhhhhhh! Then had to put on a dark brown which has covered most of the red but is now much darker than I wanted to be so not sure now if I’ll ditch wiggie. It certainly is NOT making me confident to bare all at home, social and most importantly work. May have to go and see my lovely hairdresser and see if he can put it right. Plus my new hair sticks up all over the place, if it was flatter I’d be much happier but I do not want to look like a fluffy loo brush any more.
Second disaster was Nigella’s cheese fondue - way too strong a taste (even though we’re used to fondues) so not a successful new recipe or evening meal in fact!
Hope to have a better day today but it’s a big clear up day and decorations can come down and everything can be back in it’s right place - yes, that’s the Monica in me!
Have a good weekend everyone, nice and frosty here so should be going for a walk in a short time.
Nicky xx

Happy New Year.
Good Luck ladies, with any new year resolutions. I wish you all health and happiness this year.

Ruth (from STARS)

Oh I had a huge hangover today… now that the crowds have left we went to the pub for the first time in ages and left at 11 but having had a few vodka and lemonades. Still it was fun and the new landlady and landlord are nice, unlike the previous one… you know the one who thought me doing chemo and wearing buffs was some kind of fashion statement (If I had a pair of clippers and access to her bedroom… nah I’m not that cruel). So Cruella (her nickname now) has moved to another pub but had the nerve to email me and ask for the password to change the website of the pub next door… that’s right, the one they no longer run. Seems that they wanted to sell our website to the new landlords. I said No of course. but wow what a cheek and what horrible people. Glad they’re gone.

One of the ladies I was chatting to at the pub last night is going in to Edinburgh next week to have some pre cancerous cells removed from her ducts, so I talked her through what all of that means and apparently seeing me laughing about the place has made her a bit less scared of what that means now so that’s good.

The whole village already knows that we’re moving up the road to the barn, and another local who used to live in the barn has sold me and tommy on how to lay it out too. It’s very weird living in a place where at least 4 locals have lived in a building your moving to … yet again. About 6 locals have lived in our current place before us.

Nicky… How on earth did nigella design a bad fondue! We use emmental, white wine, cornstarch and brandy in ours. At least we did until my stomach rejected me after rads, now it’s fruit and nuts (and I don’t mean Cadburys either :wink: How’s your rads recovery going now, all back to normal? My Hair has now also reached the length that it’s not lying straight anymore, it’s still straight, it’s just not lying.

I’ve started on my natural alternatives to HRT book and had to just close it and get out of bed it freaked me a bit too much. There’s one set of circumstances that she recommends seriously considering HRT and that’s if you have oophrectomy and are plunged in at too young an age… basically like me and Lisa gulp. But that’s not an option for me… is it for you Lisa or were you hormone sensitive too.

Hopefully the rest of book is a bit more cheery!

Lots of love to you all and I hope you’re enjoying this ferezing new year.


hiya all, joined you at last - love the name for the new thread and its nice to be on one called “after treatment”. Happy NewYear to you all xx
I did come on to post on New Years Day and battery went after I had typed my long message, so briefly…
congrats Lily on the finished of rads - youve done it!!
Lorraine love the manequin story
Nicky - glad you managed a little tipple and to everyone else hope you are well.
Angie - I used to read far to much so dont now as freak out very easily. Mine cancer was 8/8 hormone sensitive had had read lots of horrow stories about being plunged into early menopause - Im maybe early on in it but my op was in October and touch wood had few symptoms, yes put weight on but to be honest that could have been my eating and drinking habits, few aches and pains and few sweats but nothing as bad as I anitipcated (touch wood).

New Years resolutions start on Monday.
Loose 3 stone
Walk pooch more
Try not to worry tooooo much

Well, I have 5 appointments booked in already - dentist (first time in year boo hoo), boob check up, mamogram, gyni check up - all go, would like to forget about it all for a bit but suppose have to start thinking about nuther masectomy and reconstruction - hairs stand on end when I think of it!!!

hi everyone

good that youve all found five minutes to stop and take a breather, and keep in touch with each other. it certainly helps to keep us going i think. everyone i meet at moment seems to be on a diet, i just dont seem to have the inclination, even though i need to lose about 31/2 stone, im trying to eat more sensibly but as far as cutting things out completly im not ready for that yet. has anyone found they are a little more tired than usual over christmas, i will be glad to settle down again.

nicky i hope hair fades to a colour you like, i think i need a trip to the hairdressers soon, but mine doesnt look to bad if i spike it all up (well so people tell me anyway)

anyone else being frivolous with money i just seem to want to enjoy spending at the moment, but i will need to slow down soon.

lily 2000
how exciting a wedding to plan, i think i would just leave the planning to them and just enjoy the celebration, i used to like organising but im getting lazy.

take care x

Ive discovered as its approaching time to go back to work, Im getting tired and even though had two weeks off its been tiring. Not doing a major diet just trying to cut out more of the crap and then have a little treat at weekend. Glad your hair sticks up, mine wont yet!!

well I thought the venue we saw today, was wonderful for the wedding but the others seem to have reservations about it. I loved the long drive up, the huge house and all the tall ceilings and classical rooms. My daughter wants a more cosy venue like a barn type setting (Angie can we book yours for 2010?) so we are off to see her number one choice tomorrow. It is over double the price of the first one so will have to cut costs elsewhere I guess. They have visited all the top venues within driving distance so I think that might have made it harder to settle for less now. I am amazed that a barn is more than a classical house but I guess the fashions change with each generation. I looked at the brochure and it was well over £100 per person just for food - so I guess there will be a major cut on the guest list for this one. They want £20 a bottle of wine!! I bet it is average stuff too. We are in big trouble if our youngest decides to get married soon as well!! I would say I’ll have to sell my body but looking at it, might be better to send Victor out instead!!! LOL. mY burn underneath is driving me mad today and trying very hard not to forget and itch it - yoweeee. Everyone I have shown it to (not many in case you were wondering!!) thinks it looks really dark and oooohs in sympathy. Any good tips to cool it down, I only have aqueous cream?
Hi Ruth happy new year to you. Angie I love your ’ village life’ tales, it reminds me of Midsummer murders, except without the multiple murders!!! Sounds like the old landlady would have been a suitable case! HRT sounds dodgy to me, can you do anything with fruit and veg instead??? I have a natural remedies book, will try to look it up for you and see if anything useful. Lisa sounds like you are doing well in menopause so far and hope it stays like that for you. I have had no hot flushes but have just started my new pack of pills so will see how they go. By the way Angie my new nolvadex is made by another company and look very different from the first, so perhaps that explains it. I guess if enough ladies demand nolvaldex, otherr suppliers will start producing it and hopefully the price will drop so everyone can have it. We can but hope.
Lisa, wow a lot of appointments! I am putting off the dentist for now as lost my nerve once again. It was bad enough the GP stabbing me with the flu jab. I really feel for you having to now think about another big op. We will all be dead jealous though when you post to tell us you have 2 new boobs and a flat tummy too. I am assuming you would pick that recon? In the long term the recon may make you feel more confident and happy with how you look and you can then throw the blob and ratty away. I think it depends on your circumstances though as many women are happy to go without a recon. Good luck with your decision anyway.
Lorraine I had to laugh because everyone who posted has decided to lose more weight!! I said 2 stone but really should be more if I am realistic as rather short. You owned up to the biggest figure so are cakes off the menu or are you like me, waiting for the right time!!! My excuse is that I have to eat up what is already in the house!!
Lily x

hi everyone

i worked so hard to clean up before christmas, and now everythings upside down again, why do we bother? anyone finding they ache so much at times its hard to get up off the floor i sometimes feel theres no strength in my body. i now the weight(that horrid word again!) isnt helping but some say the tamoxifen doesnt help either. i find it hard when im at work, but i want to stick at it, because i belief you need to move for it to get better.
i go to see onc next week, i bet he’ll say lose some blob if i tell him, because he did recommend i kept my eye on my weight, because of my bone situation.
i have kept my eye on it, but it they saw the food first and theres no competition. im so weak willed! at the moment im mad on noodles ive been making chow mein, i bet thats megga fattening. aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

lily 2000

have you won the lottery? £100 a head what would you be eating? caviar, smoked salmon, lobster or something even more luxurious. or are you having some mega celebrate serving it up. (maybe beckam) now that would be worth paying for!
whats the poshest thing youve ate? ive never tried caviar have you. ive never even fancied it, nor lobster i dont even eat prawns. i can just imagine you lady of the manor. with delicate little sandwiches and such like. oh to live like a queen.!

Lisa hope everything goes well with the surgery, are you nervous? i am a coward would love a recon but only had other ops because it was life or death. you are so brave. but it will be well worth it.

Nicky 08
hope you doing ok.?

new year new adventures, i expect to hear lots of exciting tales. cant wait.

hope you all had a good, if rather chilly weekend. We went to view the expensive venue and I was not particularly impressed. My expectation of what we would get for that price was along the lines Lorraine mentioned. They would not reduce it as they only have one set of caterers and we had already picked the cheapest one!! LOL. It was £6 per guest for just the nibbles with the drinks.Ouch! It was a beautiful listed house and you get the whole place, all the bedrooms, a really fab cottage for the bride and groom, exclusive use of everywhere. So it looks like that one has been knocked off the top spot unlesss we have a smaller number of guests. My side of the family is fine as I have the biggest family and the only children but it would mean chopping a lot off the groom’s side. Tricky one, not inviting people to the wedding!! likely to start a war off. So we are off to visit 2 more next week and hope to find a compramise that we can afford and they like!! I said the one today was the most expensive tent I had ever been in!!! Lorraine that price was for melon, chicken roast and a dessert, no wine or drinks in that part. i think the caterers were either out of this world or rip off merchants. I am the practical one who wants to cover all the cost of the wedding, honeymoon, clothes, everything so they don’t have to borrow any money. Victor (not living up to the name!) wants her to have everything she wants for it to be perfect. Trouble is she has 3 siblings who we would have to do the same for. Tricky stuff families, we try so hard to do the same for everyone as much as we can. I have trouble getting up as quickly too now and feel I could fall if I bend right over to do up a shoe. I thought I might start swimming if I can find a ladies only night somewhere with a nice warm pool. Do you know how long after rads before you can swim? Mine is still burning a lot so might have to phone the rads hospital tomorrow to see what other cream I can use. Aqueous is not touching it, apart from being cold to apply.
I am off to try to win a million now to solve the wedding fund predicament!
Lily x