Darling Rads of August

Hi all. I have started this thread because it now looks as though my rads will be starting in early August. I will be having my planning meeting next week and I’m hoping the treatment will start the following week. I will then be 5 weeks post-surgery. I am having 15 sessions and will also be having the clavicle area done too. Is anyone else expecting to start rads in August?

Hello Tweasel   I also had op about 5 weeks ago (15th June)  had lumpectomy and 2 lympth nodes removed, all ok. Been tld I am Triple Negative was told Chemo and Rads  was the plan but visited Onc. yesterday and she wasnt recommending Chemo -  With Chemo 2-3% chance of it returning  Without Chemo 4% so not going to have it. Have a wobbly ticker so not worth putting me through side effects, especially if I got an infection could be in trouble with heart.

I should get a letter Monday for my first planning appointment and then bit like you should start the following week.

After all the anxiety about Chemo, in a way I am happier today - I can deal with Rads, how do you feel about it all?  My Surgery was ok only had trouble sleeping properly had the flippin’ drain in 8 days though, my breast is hard/lumpy but doesnt look as bad as I thought it would be - so that part is forgotten now in a way.


Hi Tweasel I’m starting my rads 29th July not quite August but nearly. I’m having 15 sessions to. It seems as if its taking forever to come (I expect it’ll be here before I know it. Good luck with your planning meeting mine was straight forward, although I did ask if we had a choice of tattoos, which they thought was funny. X

Morning ladies! 

I’m starting on 6th August x15. So will join this happy band and hopefully we will have a laugh and a moan together and get to the end of this without too much sizzle x

sheena xx

Hi Tweasel

This information from the BCC site may help with your query about the need for hormone therapy:


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Lucy BCC

My rads run from 30th July - 3rd September.  I had two WLE’s the first one on 1st April and the second on 7th May.  It has been a long wait to start the final stretch!  40 mile round trip for me.

Can anyone tell me if you have any medication/tablets with Radiotherapy??

Just had a call from the Radiology Dept. to say that my Rads, which were due to start on Thursday have been postponed as they were not happy with my CT scan (which I had on the 9th July).  I now have to go in tomorrow morning to have another CT scan whilst holding my breath for 20 seconds.  She said it was because it is left side and they could see my heart on the scan(?).  My Rads will now start on Monday instead and still run for 25 sessions with new appointment times.  I hadn’t realised that all the appointments would be at different times of the day, luckily I work in a school so 20 of them are in the holidays but they will now run into the first two weeks of September too. :smileysad:

Glad you Rads went will Whitejasmin, have a lovely weekend x


missmore, when I had my first CT scan, they said that if they couldn’t see my heart on the scan, they wouldn’t call me back for the ‘Heartspare’ one so, perhaps no news is good news for you?  They said yesterday that is just a precaution and that the heart can actually take some radiation without any side effects

Hi ladies can I join this thread as am part way through my rads - I finish mine on 19th August. I am having 15 sessions followed by 8 boosters. I am struggling with tiredness now - felt awful yesterday, had to go to bed after work. I’m working part time at the moment. I’m having my appointments in the mornings and find the tiredness kicks in middle of the afternoon. Boob is a little tender and slightly pink but ok. Session number 10 tomorrow so almost halfway - it does go surprisingly quickly. Wishing you all well with your zapping and have a lovely weekend x

Hi ladies of the Preston contingent !!!I had to wait 2.5 hours for my planning appt today as they couldn’t find my notes!!!P****d off to say the least , to add insult to injury due to floppy nature of breasts said I needed to wear bra during rads,so cut holes in mine and drew all over it then kept it for the sessions,so had to go home 'unsupported ',not a good day…

Hope so, not a good start , had my free cup of tea though,had lots of time to drink it!!!

I’d rather do without the tea and be in and out on time. !!

They gave me option of coming back for further appt with spare bra/bring more crap one to cut holes in, but as I’d been there 3 hours,I said just take the bra and went home unsupported !!!

The whole thing is an exhausting process WJ,enjoy your weekend off.

Small world eh!! I was there for hours today!!

Lorna/Takeabreath your appointments are Monday to Friday at. Preston arent they and not weekends,also wondering whether they work as normal Bank Holiday Monday?Do they have any consistency ?The radiologist said I could ring up and ask if they could fit me in at particular times and that they may be able to do that,but I’m wondering whether a bit of variety may be good although she said they were there up to 9pm so I really don’t want to be there in the evening.

Yes weekends off which is welcome. I just got a print out of all app times which have varied from 8am to 830pm. Don’t know about bank hols. Hey I’m more shocked reading the benefit percentages on here for taking the hormone blockers for so long. It barely makes a difference as far as I have read…need to look into it x

Yes ,in my case it’s 1% diff over 5 years, 2% over 10 years with tamoxifen.If the side effects are too bad it’s not going to make a dramatic difference to stop,but I guess if you are the 1 woman in 100 that it keeps alive it’s worth trying it and seeing how you get on.

Think I will give it a try re appointment times don’t want to there at 8.30pm!!!