Daughter of a survivor- I wrote a book to help children understand a cancer diagnosis

My name is Rebecca (Rivkie) Zeidman and I am a fourth year medical student starting residency in internal medicine at Lenox Hill in New York City in June. I published my book _Secrets Are No Fun _based on my experience as the daughter of a breast cancer survivor. It’s middle grade (ages 9-12) and fiction but based on true events. It’s uplifting and authentic and is meant to explain everything from diagnosis to treatment in a way that kids can understand. I believe there is a need for a book like this and I hope that my story can fill the void.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram @rivkiestein to learn more about my book and follow my journey to advocate for women’s health! I believe my experience as the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, a previvor, a mother and a medical professional puts me in a unique position to share my story.

Link to my book: Secrets Are No Fun on Amazon 


“Daughter of a Survivor” is a poignant narrative that delicately explores the journey of a young girl whose mother confronts cancer. Through vivid storytelling and heartfelt illustrations, the book offers a compassionate lens into the emotional upheaval and questions that arise when a family member faces illness. You must be brave to write about it, also if you are passionate about writing I highly recommend EssayPro.com for anyone in need of professional assistance with academic writing, including thesis papers. Their team of expert writers delivers high-quality work tailored to your specific needs, ensuring academic success.