daughter my middle daughter has to have an ultrasound because of breast pain ,shes too young for a mammogranm.as im going through breast cancer treatment my self im so scared that the news will be bad for her she has 3 young boys and she comes with mw everytime i have treatment shes been my rock and i dont know what id do without her care and support,just wanted to share my feelings as ive been reading messages from other mums about their own daughters.lynn xx

poor you aroma, this must be awful for you especially as you are already going through it and know what it is all about.
i hope you both get good news.
sharon. x

aroma that’s so frightening for all of you. Do sympathise because my daughter found small lump- and it’s much worse than when it’s you. Hope that the waiting isn’t interminable and the cause turns out to be innocent. Very best wishes, dilly

Hi Aroma,

You poor thing - it’s so so much worse when you are worried about a child. Please remember that your daughter has breast pain, nothing else at the moment. She doesn’t have a diagnosis of breast cancer. My mother and sister have BC and I had breast pain and a lump and it turned out to be benign. Remember 9/10 lumps are benign, and breast pain can be caused by many things. Also, I have a letter in front of me from Addenbrooke’s Medical Genetics department saying ‘only 5 to 10% of breast cancer is genetic’.

I’m thinking of you and saying some prayers to whoever is listening. Try not to let your imagination run away with you while you wait - it may be (in fact statistically it is more likely to be) completely innocent. We are all here for you.

Please let us know what happens.

Lots of love to you, Lilly.x

daughters scan hello all just to say my daughters scan was ok the technician could not see anything but normal breast tissue! its such a relief for her as well as myself i just didnt want her to go through what i have and thank god shes ok thankyou for the goodwhishes now i have to concentrate on getting good results for myself love lynn xx

Glad to hear your daughters scan was ok, that must be a relief for you both. Best of luck to you.
Lorri xx

Wonderful news! I’m delighted for you.