Hi Dawn,

hang in there in these down times. Just wanted to send you a huge cyber hug and let you know I am thinking of you. You are so brave and always encouraging others… take some time to take care of yourself.

Hope your tummy gets better ASAP and you are soon feeling back to your more positive self.

Much love,


Hi Nanny

Thank you so much for your kind words and support.

Been out to lunch with friends and kids, as one of my friends birthday tomorrow, and left baby Jack at home, so more relaxing for me, and feeling a bit better. Hopefully back to my normal positive self tomorrow.

But thank you for thinking about me. I hope you are OK today too.


hi brave sweet dawn, i,m so pleased you have been able to have some possitive time for yourself, it must be very difficult going through all this and only those who are in sim sit can really coment

my heart and love i send sweetie that you have many more possitive days

big hugs

Dawn…sorry I have been out of touch I have still been thinking of you!!! I am still struggling and have found typing hard work and don’t want you to think I didnt care …I do and send you a big big hug!! You are so brave!!! I hope you are feeling better All my love LJ xxx

Hi All

Thanks for your comments and yes am feeling a bit more normal this evening, and more chatty again. Hopefully coming out of my downer. Sorry about that.

LJ sorry you are still in lots of pain, hope you are taking something to help with it, and that your family are running around after you and bringing you lots of goodies in bed!!! Course I know you care, and I know you have not been that good since your op as read your posts, just not really been in the frame of mind to ansa the last few days/nights. But I am back …

Cee hope you are OK tonight too, and the packing is going well - dont envy you there, moving is a nightmare, but once you are settled in your new home will be lovely.

Nanny, hope you are ok this evening too, and that everyone is having a good Friday night. Hubby has commandeered the tv for the rugby, but won’t be getting it all the time!!!

Take care all