Day 1, burning feeling

I started my radiotherapy today, I had a left sided lumpectomy with lymph nodes removed (margins and lymph nodes all clear).  I am having hypofractioned radiotherapy using the DIBT.  Felt fine at the time no issues but this evening I have a burning hot feeling in my affected breast and throat. Also a numb feeling in breast. Has anyone else had similar symptoms?

Hi welcome to the forum . I had the standard 3 week radiotherapy to left breast but I had burning and a great deal of heat after my first treatment which I hadn’t expected . Ask your radiotherapy team about it tomorrow if you are worried . 
best wishes Jill x

Thankyou, seemed to settle overnight and I slept OK.  Day 2 done and dusted now x

THank you for sharing your experience. I may be on verge of the same treatment but having trouble deciding. Have been recommended one-week radiotherapy after left-side lumpectomy, clear margins, lymph nodes clear. I have been told there is a 20% recurrence risk if I do not have it, and 2% if I do.