Day 1 chemo experiences

I left off posting yesterday in case my experience was a little off putting. Today day 2 am feeling slightly better just waiting for the District nurse. All I can say is please make sure you have the strongest anti sickness tablets to bring home with you. The FEC injections themselves went fine left hospital at 12.30 pm and didn’t start to feel unwell until 4.20 pm. I had had anti sickness tablet and again intravenously in the hospital so it must have worn off by then. I started to be severely sick and extremely nausea and couldn’t keep the anti sickness tablets or water down. Looking on my sheet I had to ring the assessment unit if sick more than 6 times. After 5 times and pretty exhausted at this stage I rang the after hours District nurse and they came out at 10pm and injected me anti sickness in my thigh. I haven’t been sick since, so far today I have had 2 lots of anti sickness, a tiny piece of toast as not been able to eat for 48 hours. If sick once before 4pm I have to ring the emergency assessment number. I really wasn’t expecting this level of sickness as not sure if normal? Hopefully although am still feeling nauseous today I won’t be sick. Best wishes to all who are going through treatment this week or next.

Sorry to hear your experience wasn’t good. I started feeling sick about 7.30 which quickly progressed to a couple of dry heaves but I felt crap. Went to bed shortly after. Took another anti sickness tablet at 5.30am when I started to feel off again. Then got another couple of hours sleep in. Feeling tired and groggy today so taking it easy.

Hope you feel better. Maybe try some soup if liquids are staying down.

Take care
Cassie x

Oh dear Patchworkgirl that really is unpleasant. Thankfully, although I suffered with nausea during EC I was never actually sick. I do know there are stronger anti-sickness meds available - (amend?) - make sure you mention this to your onc when you next visit - they will ensure you have some stronger meds in your package when you next have chemo. I do hope the sickness is now under control. Also, try ginger (tea and biscuits) they help with nausea.

Thank you Cassie, hope you feel better soon, and yes rest up today and hopefully you won’t develop the sickness. strange how we all react differently but I can get travel sick so wonder if am more prone. District nurse has been to give me my white blood cell injection and left another number to call if start to feel really sick so they can come back. Soup is a good idea, I have kept down my toast so far which is a better sign. Are you having injections for 5 days for white blood cells? Am on steroids and course of antibiotics too X

Hi Jay68. I have 2 Emend tablets, one for today and one for tomorrow, the other 2 lots I have do not work very well at all. Will see if the oncologist can give me all Emend next time round. Hopefully I am through the worst bud have District nurse number to ring if need the injection again. Yes have some gjnger in to take, thank you

Try travel sickness bands - they might help a little. Get other people to prepare you food and try not to even smell the food cooking.

The 3 day emend course is meant to give 5 days anti nausea.
When the emend finishes you can carry on the ondansetron and use buccastem tablets as well. My doctors won’t let me have more than three days emend - it’s worth an ask though!
Hope it eases soon x

Thank you for all the information Cathysid, I still feel nauseous but not been sick yet, have had the district nurses in who will come back if I need an anti sick injection again. Travel bands sound worth a try thank you

Patchwork and Cassie, sorry to hear the nausea and sickness is affecting you both. I have been ok with anti sickness tablets and have found if i nibble on something when i feel a bit sickly it goes. I am nibbling on ginger biscuits, mints, scones and pancakes. Not healthy at all but a little of them is quite filling so dont have to force too much down. Hope you continue to keep the sickness at bay and improve xx