day 2 in the one boob household

Finally feel bright enough to post yesterday was op day when I said goodbye to Dennis the menace aka that lump. Unfortunately my body hadn’t read my notes on recon being deferred and tried to grow a new boob (haematoma) so have felt a bit knocked foe 6. For anyone else that this might happen to its more painful than you think but wonderful when sorted. So nothing to be scared of - says she who cried from the moment I was wheeled back into theatre to the time I came back on the ward.
Now just need my blood pressure to come up from 70/54… but it will.
The hardest part is learning the word steady and ro call the nurses.
I still feel fraudulent as the ward I’m on has some very sick ladies and I “should” be up and about. But the lesson I’m learning will stand me in good stead going forward.
And I am so proud of our NHS and our amazing staff… not that they’ll read this but you all rock.
Sweet dreams to anyone on this journey alongside me. Xx

Glad things are moving in the right direction for you.

Sweet dreams and ood luck


Sweet dreams to you too. Hope you get a good night’s rest (I know what hospitals are like for noises in the night) and that you’ll feel even brighter tomorrow.

I had a haematoma post mastectomy which didn’t get big enough to go back to theatre thankfully. My blood pressure came up quickly back to normal but I was dizzy when I got up first time so please take it gently. I had spectacular bruises all over me which spread over the unoperated side so my remaining boob was black and blue which gave me a fright but this is normal.  Do take it easy and don’t feel a fraud. It is a lot to cope with so be kind to yourself xx NHS staff are brilliant!

You’re not a fraud, you’ve had major life saving surgery as my surgeon keeps telling me!

You get used to one boob after a while. Look up knitted knockers online. X

Being up and about is a good thing but pushing yourself too far isn’t. Everyone is different , please listen to your own body when it tells you what it can and can’t manage. Don’t compare yourself negatively with other people- it’s a hard enough haul without loading that on yourself.
All the best for your recovery.