Day 4.x

Hi all, my fourth day since diagnosed, having lumpectomy on 5th June. Was feeling positive but this morning woke up feeling awful. Very tearful, not had proper meal since thurs, not slept, feel I’m getting snappy, so taking time outs upstairs, then don’t want to be on my own, have finished telling family and close friends now. Are these normal reactions? X

Hi Deb,
Yes, quite normal, so don’t worry about how you’re feeling, getting diagnosed is always a shock & you’re allowed to have a bad day when it all catches up with you a bit, just go with it, it does pass.
It does get better when everythings confirmed & your treatment plan is in place.
Thankfully, you’re now getting the little ***** dealt with.
ann x

Hi Deb, yes very normal feelings as Ann-m has said. I had lots of very positive days and lots of very bad days when I would cry at the drop of a hat.  Its very overwhelming especially if like most of us you’ve felt very well and then suddenly bam! you’ve been told you’ve got a terrible disease. It does get better as time moves on and you get your treatment plan in place.  Don’t be afraid to have bad days. And remember that breast cancer is treated very successfully these days. I had a lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy just over a year ago and now take Tamoxifen and my life is pretty much back to normal as yours will be too in the not too distant future. Take care and don’t be afraid to ask those around you for help and support if you need it - my friends were invaluable and didn’t mind all my tears!! Take care. Michelle xx

Hi Deb1965, all of your emotion in any order or combination are normal so soon after such a big shock. I found the first two weeks very hard and made myself feel ill with anxiety chest pains, headaches and sleepless nights. Every ache and pain feels like the cancer is taking over your body. This is all normal due to the loss of control you feel you have over your body so your mind spirals out control too. Like others have said, once your treatment plan is in place you start to feel more positive because something is being done. I found focussing on nutrition was a good distraction to get myself nice and healthy ready for treatment and coming on here has been really helpful too. Hope this helps and take care. X

Feeling so much calmer.
Taking on board all your advice. I definitely felt spiralling out of control this morning. Have got fantastic family and friends and will need to be more honest with them rather than trying to protect them from how I’m really feeling. Thank you x