Day 6 2nd cycle chemo

Hi everyone,
Not a great day. Been in bed all morning. I’m so tired so not fighting it. Just sleeping loads.
Hope everyone else is having a better day !

Hi. Sorry to hear this. I have to see oncologist on Friday to discuss whether chemo might be of some benefit-diagnosed in March, WLE and SNB IN April and mastectomy and ancillary nodes clearance June. All the way through I have been told chemo would not be part of the plan so this has come as a shock. U-turn due to having mulltifocal invasive lobular cancer throughout and in yet another node. Have you any tips you could share? Is this the first time of feeling g tired or were you tired after the first cycle? Thanks for any advice you can share. X

Hi there,
So sorry my reply is so late. I’ve joined the Facebook page and don’t go on here as often.
That was definitely the worst I have felt so far. I think a bit of depression had crept in too so just wanted to curl up, sleep and be left alone. I was exhausted too.
I had my third cycle of chemo yesterday and next is my last so looking forward to that being over.
Why did they say you wouldn’t have chemo ?
I have been tired from the beginning but found if you have little rests but also try to have short walks I felt better.
Best of luck and please keep me updated. I will check on here more often.

Poor you. Now to have to deal with that as well. Here anytime if you need to chat.
Good luck and take care x