Day after radiotherapy finished

Good evening everyone. I finished my 5 days of radiotherapy yesterday and feel quite light headed and sick. I expect from reading about it that theses side effects are quite common. I just wondered if other people had side effects like this? Thank you x


It hit me about 3 days later - massive wave of fatigue and if I tried to push through it and do stuff I felt sick and sometimes a bit dizzy as well . It lasted maybe 10 days though it started to improve after about day 3 or 4 . After that first 10 days it then lifted slowly though I still got odd bad days for the next 2 months .
I found I just had to rest and if I was doing something and my body told me to stop I had to stop. Are you able to rest ? You may need to resign yourself to a couple of duvet days , I also downloaded Headspace and listened to it in the afternoon sometimes if I felt that I needed a rest .

It’s important to increase your fluid intake as the therapy may have left you dehydrated - plenty of water . I drank a lot of ginger kombucha and ate mints but ginger ale or cola might help the nausea . Ginger biscuits are good as well. If you can’t face a meal have a biscuit or a piece of toast to help keep your strength up - I found the act of eating helped to get rid of the nausea .

If you don’t get an improvement then seek help but I’m thinking that it will get better . Don’t forget to moisturise and do the post- op exercises to stretch the tissues.

With love xx


Thank you so much for your reply Joanne, and for the advice. I’m sorry you went through the same side effects, I am going to try some of the things you suggest right now, starting by having a big glass of water x

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Dear 947902

So sorry to read you are feeling under the weather after radiotherapy, I completely agree with Joanna, all her advice is spot on.

I can’t add anything more. Except to say well done for getting this far with your treatment

Wishing you well going forward

Hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:

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Well done for getting through it . I’m back for day 4 of 5 on Tuesday, so far feeling okay . Drinking plenty of fluids and moisturising my boob like mad . Expecting it will hit next week. I found the radio quite scary , going down the wonky corridor and seeing the machine for the 1st time :cry: x

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I got so upset at radiation last week, I literally got weak in the knees! The staff brought a wheelchair. I didn’t know what the to make of it-when I got home I realized it was emotional because it stopped. No on could have ever told me I would have this reaction. Literally unable to bear my weight. Bouncing wall to wall. Know I know it’s just too freaking stressful doing something like this 5 times a week for 5 weeks. But I am relieved I hadn’t suddenly gotten a neurological disease that ruined my gait. Have a good Memorial Day Weekend (in the states). I’m sitting on my couch and hydrating, thus urinating all day :heart:

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You’ve been through a lot with 25 sessions . Takes a lot of energy . Definitely rest up x

Oh I do-no little ones-cool husband

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I have had 10 of 20, so far i just am so tired…probably travel to/from hospital too…still have bad joint pain from chemotherapy, so just feel weak…

Im drinking a lot of fluids to keep me hydrated as have a really dry mouth and had a cough since the start…

Going to try the Ginger biscuits…

Hope you feel better soon…x


Thank you-keeping hydrated is a part time job

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All, you will be ok. I finished three weeks of radiotherapy at the beginning of February. Listen to your body and rest. Things do get better. I have recently been able to do an overseas work trip, which was a huge step and a great sense of achievement. Months ago I never thought I would have felt so much better 3 monts down the line. Lots of love

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