Day after surgery

I have just had my mastectomy yesterday and had 3 lymph nodes removed to be tested which thankfully showed as negative.  Today the top of my arm on that side feels very warm and very slightly puffy.   Has anyone else had this?  My breast nurse thinks it is just a reaction to the surgery 


Puffy yes ,warm no .When did you have your op ? Have a you a post op appointment soon ? Maybe worth asking if you can come into clinic and have someone look at it ? 

Hi Jaynie

If you think about it, it’s quite likely some nerves got in the way during surgery. It may be a temporary sensation as it heals; it may be permanent (but you stop noticing). The outside of my whole upper arm feels numb to the touch but I did have full clearance so I’d expect more damage. Better a tingly arm than a malignant tumour, And congratulations on your nodes being clear xx