Day three - Itchy boob

Im day 3 (op Thursday,today Sunday) post surgery, I had a lumpectomy and 4 lymph nodes removed.
My arm movement is better than expected and comfort wise in in a pretty good place.
However today my boob is soooooo itchy!
I’m assuming this is due to the healing process beginning, but wanted to check if this is the norm? Trying not to focus on it or it will drive me crazy!

Some people can have a reaction to the dressings they put on ,so may be worth checking out with BC nurse or GP tomorrow .

Thank you jill, take it you didn’t get an itchy boob then?!

No.May just be normal part of healing process but I’ve seen quite a few posts about people reacting to certain dressings .Nurse at GP surgery would probably have a look at it for you.

Hi! I was/am a fellow itcher! I reacted to tye ecg adhesive and also where they stuck the plastic sheeting stuff on the other side.  Its well annoying, I have never had issue with plasters etc before. I was recommended to take an antihistamine for the itching. I also had itching from the healing. Mine was really bad when ghe cut was, but it was also numb, so scratching (through my bra) didnt make any diference. I would mention it to your nurse. Hope you get some relief soon!

Thanks eggster.
Ido t seem to have any rash or marking where anything has been or is stuck to me, so thinking it may just be a healing itch… will defo give the bcc nurse a ring to check tomorrow though.

I’m itchy after left mastectomy on 22.7. I’m guessing it’s the healing but because so numb it’s pointless scratching. Oh the joys! ??

Hi all I have had 2 lumpectomy and going in for my 3 rd this week My boob was really itchy after surgery and my surgeon said to pat the area not scratch It It does work Good luck