DCIS and invasive

I have recently been diagnosed with a large area of DCIS and one small bit of it has started to turn into invasive cancer, I will need a mastectomy, I am worried what treatment i will need after surgery and if or not I should have breast reconstruction at the same time as the mastectomy, my initial reaction was to have both breasts off for the fear of recurrence, I just don’t know what to do , my bra is size 36D so I don’t know if I should get reconstruction, I believe it would be a tissue expander during surgery which they will expand over weeks in the clinic, is this a painful procedure? And I’m worried incase it will look odd compared to the healthy breast , any advice I would greatly appreciate , x

Hi Mitty im sorry to hear you have found yourself in this club but you will get loads of help and support on here, people are genuinely happy to help in any way they can.<br>I am 9 wks post op, widespread dcis, same bra size as you.<br>I had mx and immediate diep flap reconstruction. I chose this option because it suited me personally. The reconstructed breast is made with tummy fat and is squishy like the other one and grows and shrinks with weight gain/loss. But the winning reason apart from them describing it as the rolls royce reconstruction procedure is that it is a “one stop shop procedure”.<br>It isnt by any means an easy op i was under for 10 hours and stitched very tightly by 16 people but i was up and about out of a hospital bed within 2 days. By 4 wks i felt something like the old me and by 6 wks i was the old me. Recovery is 12 wks for internal recovery.<br>I will need some realignment surgery in about a year but for now under a bra or clothes you really cannot see a difference.<br>Im not selling the op because its not an easy one by any means but i would definately choose the same all over again.<br>Pathology results found 2mm invasive so defo right decision for me but you must go with whatever is right for you. Im just passing on my experience and hopefully others will too.<br>What is your next step and is it soon?

Hi conorchloe
Thank you for your reply , my surgery is next week, it’s a wide area of DCIS and an 8mm invasive cancer, that’s what the ultrasound picked up, my surgeon said it’s unlikely that I will need chemotherapy, I hope she’s right , I have actually decided not to have reconstruction and have requested the other breast off , but they said they don’t want to remove the healthy breast for no reason , I’ve had a lot of surgery in the past omy hips and really don’t fancy any more , plus I have severe health anxiety and I’m worried it may develop in the healthy breast , my surgeon said she will consider removing the other breast once they are sure I’m of sound mind , I just don’t know what to do , I know an implant may look and feel different from my other breast , I’d have to have an expander fitted during surgery for weeks then after 6 months they would do the reconstruction, I don’t think I can face all that , I’m leaning more towards both off , I’m.48 and it was a shock to be told I have intermediate and high grade DCIS and 8mm invasive cancer grade 2, I’m terrified of what the pathology will find and if I’ll need chemo, surgeon says it’s unlikely, I’m just in a dark place right now and feeling really scared . I guess if I have both breasts off my risk of recurrence will be extremely low ?

Hi mitty its totally your decision! I dont know how ladies feel when they come out of the op for a double mx.
Personally i am totally unaligned at the moment but on a waiting list for symmetry so yes they do look odd! Im 50 yrs old tho and my playboy cover pics are now a thing of the past lol but i dont really mind as long as im alive and get to watch my family grow im ok with that :relaxed:
Spk to as many ppl and read as much as you can.
I hope you find your answers
Best wushes

Yes I’m 48 soon to be 49 , so I’m not overly concerned to have both breasts off , if they will agree to that , I’ve had many surgeries in the past , hip surgery in childhood, then hip replacement at 44, hysterectomy at 46, I’m really tired of surgery and would wish to get both breasts off on one go , I’d be happy with a padded bra really , did you have chemotherapy? Are you on tamoxifan? They said it’s unlikely I’ll need chemo but it’s still at the back of my mind until the final results are in, I’m really scared to be truthful, I think they said my invasive cancer is grade 2, stage one, did you have sentinel node sampling? I’m dreading that as I’m told your arm hurts ? ?

Hello Mitty, sorry you have joined us on here.


I had a masectomy last week without immediate reconstruction as waiting for my results in case anything other than DCIS as inside. I also had SNB.


SNB has been sore rather than painful and this has caused most bruising but then I bruise very easy. I am 52 and it was found during my first routine mammogram.


I currently wear a post surgery padded bra and not noticeable under clothing, will have a reconstruction hopefully DIEP once able.


Read only good sites like this or macmillian or similar not Dr Google and you will help with your concerns and decision but talk to your cancer nurse and consultant.


Take each step at a time and all the best with your surgery etc xx


Hi Mitty, i had a masectomy and SNB 7 weeks ago today. I had a tissue expander reconstruction and it has been fine.

I had a drain in for 8 days after the op but i had a bag to carry it in - like a cross body bag - and it hardly bothered me.

The 8nside of my upper arm was sore due to nerve endings - this happens whether you have recon or not - order a heart cushion from Jens Friends on facebook and keep it under your arm - it really helps.

I have had 3 fill ups in my expander so ivam at 350mls. I have 3 more to go. My new breast feels soft and a bit numbbut i almose forget i have had the masectomy.

I like you, said i was happynot to have recon but now i am glad i did.

Before my op i went to see the ladies in ourl9cal support group and they showed me tbeir reconstructed breasts. I was amazed at howgood tgey were and it really helpedto put my mind at rest.

Good luck for your op and i hope all goes well. You will be in good hands x

Hi mitty
I had no effects or pain whatsoever from SNB done a week before mx. I couldnt even tell it had been done.
After mx they got together and discussed whether i needed chemo or radio. Unfortunately or fortunately i couldn’t have either because of a heart condition but it was only a preventative measure only, i didnt need it! Yes im on tamoxifen as i am HER2+.
Like you say they only really really know when that breast has come off and they can disect inside unfortunately x

Thank you so much ladies for your advice and support, it is helping me cope , I’m still very much in the mind of having both breasts off , then maybe reconstruction in year or so, I’m just terrified of DCIS developing in the other breast, I’m struggling really about the results of the histology after my mastectomy, its the 8mml invasive cancer that is scaring me more than the DCIS, it’s stage one grade 2, and I’m terrified of it recurring in the future, is it normal to have these feelings? ?

It is absolutely normal Mitty!! Once you have the full.0icture amd know your treatment plan you will feel more in control. The wsiting around and waiting for results is the worst time.

Luckily it has been caught early and your team are doing what is right for you
Sending you a big hug xx

Yes I’m grateful for the screening that picked it up , my surgeon said it’s unlikely to have gone to the lymph nodes and unlikely I’ll need chemotherapy, though I still need a mastectomy as large area of DCIS, I’m just petrified of the final histology results , yes the waiting is pure torture, and I’m panicking what if the surgeon is wrong , GP has put me on diazapam to help calm me down ?