DCIS and subsequent treatment

Hi everyone

I have been diagnosed with DCIS and having had surgery and two first level sentinal nodes removed one is clear and the other is positive - tumour involvement by extension rather than metastatasis. I have been offered further surgery to remove more lymph nodes for clearance or radiotherapy. I understand that if I opt for further surgery to remove the next level of lymph nodes and there are more than 3 positive nodes identified then the next stage is chemo. The radiotherapy option would avoid chemo. I have had an assay test (Oncotype) the outcome of which is that there is no need for chemo. I am told by my surgeon that it is “up to me” as to which option I choose - more surgery for clearance or radiotherapy - but if clearance and more than 3 positive nodes identified, then the next stage would still be chemo, regardless of the results from the Oncotype. Just wondered, has anyone out there had to make a similar decision? Any help/advice would be appreciated. I realise that there are pro’s and con’s of each treatment, but I find it difficult to decide. I should add that I would have to have some radiotherapy anyway on my breast to clear up any debris following the removal of the main tumour. I look forward to hearing from you. Ann xx

Hello Ann,

what a lot to take in I feel sure you will make the right decision, I’m so sorry I can’t give you any help, would like you to know I wish you well with a positive outcome going forward.

I always say one day at a time, biggest hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow: