DCIS diagnosis - advice please

I have a 5 mm area of DCIS in my left breast.

I have opted to have my right breast reduced at the same time.

Looking for any advice re recovery.

Im also unsure what to tell people as I’m told this is not cancer so would feel a bit if a fraud calling it that.

Also any advice re bras.

Thank you

I had DCIS back in March and had a mastectomy at the beginning of April. I too was a bit confused by the diagnosis as the first doctor I saw described it as pre cancer. But just before my op, I saw another breast care nurse and she told me I had pre invasive cancer which was a bit clearer. The surgeon who I’m under now, and who did my surgery has always described it as a breast cancer diagnosis. So don’t feel like your a fraud! It is scary but treatable! 
Are you having a mastectomy? I found it easier to deal with than I thought I would. My nurse recommended Asda post surgery bras of which I’ve bought a few and really like them. Have more bras now than I did before haha! I had to order them online as haven’t seen the. In store. 
Do you know when you’re having your op? 
Becky xx 

I had a mastectomy in August and have needed no further treatment. I really feel very lucky, but also weird as I really don’t feel like I had cancer at all, so I know what you mean about feeling a bit of a fraud. I say that I had early stage breast cancer. That helps people understand, without too much going into details.

Regarding your operation and recovery different hospitals seem to do different things. I was told to take in a pyjama top that buttoned at the front, and then spent all my time in a hospital gown. I stayed in over night, but others on the ward went home the same day. 

I had a drain fitted and the hospital supplied it in a long handled bag, but others here have spoken about cobbling something together to carry the drain pot around.

 I bought a couple of bras that are front fastening from a company called Nicola Jane. They are ok, and it was definitely easier putting these on than standard styles. Front fastening clothing for your top half is the way to go at first. I struggled into a sweat shirt after a couple of weeks, but needed help in taking it off!

 I didn’t need much by way of painkillers, except paracetamol at night, but no one expects you to be a hero. If you can minimise the discomfort then you will feel able to keep moving in the early days. I did silly things like dancing to songs on the radio to try and move naturally rather than robotically. I think that helped prevent any stiffness before I was able to start the stretching exercises.

I hope some of my ramblings are useful. Best of luck to you.