DCIS diagnosis and very confused

Hello everyone


I was diagnosed with DCIS in my left breast on Tuesday 9th April, this was confirmed on Friday 12th following the results of my biopsy.


The lump was deemed high grade and I have calcification in other areas of the breast too, my lymph node biopsy came back clear.


I have since had an MRI scan and meet the consultant again on the 24th to find out my treatment plan


Amongst a myriad of feelings including being: distraught, resigned, hysterical, petrified and dissociated I have one consistent feeling of being confused. I am completely unaware of what I face, everything was mentioned in my appointment from mastectomy to lumpectomy to radiotherapy to chemotherapy. My brain is awash with emotions and medical options and feel that this appointment should have been more structured so that I didn’t leave believing I was going to be butchered and bald because that is pretty much all I heard!


I still don’t know what I am facing. I am struggling to get my head around the fact that I am so well so how can I have cancer?! I feel great and the thought I am going to be made to feel ill so that i don’t get ill in the future is so conflicting and confusing.


I am certain I’m not the only one to feel this but needed to share and hear other stories so I can go into the appointment on Wed knowing that I have options and some control over my life.


Much love to all you wonderful beings who are currently wading through this sea of treacle in the search of an answer to a situation none of us wanted to be put in. 

hello hon sending hugs your way I know how you feel I went for my first routine mama gram I’m 45 living in Australia and thought you can have them from 40 here so I thought go have one there’s nothing wrong with them no pain no lumps well to my shock I had a 8cm cluster of calcifications In my left breast. So I got my results on Thursday 4th then in hospital on Thursday 11th having a mastectomy with implant I haven’t had time to even think about how to feel how should I feel I’m a mess inside but fine on the outside so I know what you are going through x



My heart goes out to you, I felt the same emotions as you, but probably not in the same order. 


If you can try and have a few questions written down and they should give you the phone number of your breast nurse so you can always call her afterward.


I’ve had DCIS, feel free to ask any questions x



I felt exactly the same as you. I’ve had a mastectomy (11/4) and was supposed to be having reconstruction at the same time but unfortunately due to other complications failed. It was agreed with my surgeon if that was the case during the op to reduce on the left and reconstruct the right in the future. 


I contacted the breast care nurses and plastic surgeon on a few occasions before hand until I understood completely what the treatment plan was.  If I hadn’t and the op had turned out as it did I don’t think I would’ve coped at all.  I’m still not clear what the reconstruction process is from here but have a check up on Tuesday and will be asking again.  I really believe unless it’s completely clear and you understand what’s going to happen it will have a detrimental effect on you emotionally.  Everyone has been so patient, understanding and helpful I haven’t felt I was being a nuisance. 


Its hard enough to cope with everything and retain what you’re being told so take all the help available to you. 

Wishing you all the very best 

KJ  xx