DCIS diagnosis yesterday at 33

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I’m 33, a mum of 3 children and yesterday I was diagnosed with DCIS after biopsy. I have a 25mm lump and due to staff sickness I did not get to meet my consultant, my results were given by other staff in the clinic. My brain was just in shock at the diagnosis so I didn’t ask any questions. I did see they wrote HG on the paper… does this mean high grade? I’m honestly so so scared. They said I would need an MRI and then surgery. Maybe radiotherapy but hopefully not. I’m just so scared it’s wrong and it has spread or that it’s worse than they have said. Have been spiralling in fear, i just want to see my children grow up, they are still so small (age 8, 7 and 2) Does anyone have experience of this diagnosis and treatment? I’m just scared they will have got it wrong and I might not be OK

Lisa Sorry you find yourself on here. Please do phone the number on here and speak to a nurse. Also do use the breast cancer nurse that you’ve been assigned at your trust They are there to help you each step of the way as Breast Cancer Now and all of us here are :two_women_holding_hands: . Take it a day at a time and step by step, you suddenly find yourself in this crazy magic carpet ride where you are having what seems like millions of appointments for this, that and the other and all while in a state of shock and disbelief You will find once you get your treatments plan in place you settle into a routine Remember your team has seen it all before and your treatments are tailored specifically for you Do reach out on here as much or as little as you need to Breast Cancer Nows invisible blanket of kindness, care, support and believe it or not is here for you Please keep off dr Google you will send yourself into orbit. Be kind to yourself, do what right for you and remember you are still amazing you :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

I am very sorry to hear that you are going through this. It is very good that it was caught very early and you did check yourself and didn’t ignore your symptoms. 

Please reach out to nurses and ask all your questions. 

I hope this will all be behind you very soon. 

All the best 

Hi Lisa2788.  So sorry that you are finding yourself here. It is a tough gig.  I was called back from a regular screening mammogram late November.  I had a biopsy on calcifications then diagnosed with DCIS early December.  My surgeon said that the treatment was likely to be a mastectomy as there was a lot and it was wide spread.  It is shocking, however, I realised that this was a good diagnosis all things considered as potentially, they had caught the cancer before it became invasive.  This meant I had a good chance of having surgery and then not need any further treatment.

I had an MRI and they confirmed it was as they thought.  They wanted to know if I wanted to explore a lumpectomy plus radiation as an alternative as there was a chance I was on the border of this being an option.  However, I felt that just biting the bullet and having a mastectomy was for the best.  I remember that time being really hard though.  You can’t imagine how you can be expected to go through this.  It seems impossible.  But you do get through it.  If you go down this route, please keep in touch if you want help coping and making sense of it all.  

I had my surgery on 18th January.  I had my head straight about it.  I wanted to not have cancer.  I had realised from other women that the operation was straight forward, uncomfortable (not really that painful) and recovery would be quick.  I also decided not to complicate matters with reconstruction and felt confident that I would be capable of liking my adapted 50 odd year old body.  I had my appointment for my results last week.  No surprises.  The DCIS was a bit more than they thought.  If I had tried a lumpectomy first, they would have probably had to call me back for a mastectomy in any case.  I now need no further treatment.  I am healing really well.  I don’t mind the look of it at all.  I was going to get a tattoo so something nice would be there, but I quite like my scar so far.  I am very, very proud of myself for enduring this.  I see my scar as the mark of my endurance.  I now need no further treatment.  I have my life back.  I am giddy with relief and joy still.  

It is tough that you don’t know what route your treatment will take.  I think I was terrified at the beginning but if this is your diagnosis, there are options and even the most severe one is doable.  The important thing is to get well.  I was just 8 weeks from start to finish. In and out of the cancer world in a flash.  I am so grateful now.

In the early days, I didn’t really understand what DCIS is or why I needed such a severe operation.  I only looked at medical papers to try and understand it better.  Dr Google can be very unhelpful.  I kept a list of all my questions and I regularly spoke to a Breast Cancer Nurse to try and understand better.  Don’t be afraid of calling them.  This is important to you and you are allowed to take up their time and some space.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Really happy to share my experience with you if it is helpful.  Good vibes and hugs from me to you xx

I was diagnosed with DCIS in July 2020. Initially the surgeon suggested a lumpectomy but an MRI scan revealed another area. The location of this second area meant that a mastectomy was the recommended treatment. I had the operation in August 2020. I opted not to have any reconstruction.

After the operation I didn’t need any further treatment.

Happy to answer any questions you may have

Hi @Lisa2788  

I read your post and just wondering how you’re getting on? Did you get your MRI results? I hope it was good news