DCIS estrogen fed

I was diagnosed this past Friday and had a surgical consult today.  My lump was found through self exam and didn’t even show on mammogram but ultrasound showed tiny little moose head complete with antlers which I promptly named Bullwinkle.  Bullwinkle sits behind my nipple.  I get to choose between two options.

Option A: WLE followed by radiation. My entire nipple will be removed along with 3 sentinel nodes from my armpit. He will fashion an aureole with loose skin from under my breast, which can be colored in at a later time. I will be taking estrogen blocking drugs for the next 10 years. Nodes and breast tissue sent to pathology to determine if further treatment is needed.

Option B: total mastectomy of right breast along with sentinel nodes. Likely no radiation needed. Estrogen blocking drugs for 10 years. Pathology will determine if further treatment needed.

I’m leaning toward option A.

I’m almost 67, so I think for me Option A is the most practical and least invasive.
What a bother, and only a few days to decide.  My assigned nurse will be calling me to discuss.  Would love opinions.

Dear Karoo,

My brave lady, I wish you well what ever road you decide to take.

i have had breast cancer twice first the right side with a mastectomy and drugs, did have a few problems with my reconstruction, however fine now, second time in the left breast had a lumpectomy, radiotherapy and drugs.

For me the second time around was far easier, day surgery followed by 15 rounds of radiotherapy, (understand this had been cut to 5 sessions) recovery was much quicker and less stressful.

Hope you get some good advise from your breast cancer nurse, thinking of you, keep posting and let us know how your doing

hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow: