DCIS high grade

Evening all


i was diagnosed with DCIS high grade last week. It was extremely shocking and have only now calmed down a bit about it. There was calcifications on the mammogram and this led to a stereotactic biopsy which confirmed a 38 mm dcis. I have seen 2 breast surgeons and both recommend a WLE and not a mastectomy which was my first choice because I just want to get rid of all of it. But the surgeon has almost convinced me not to do a mastectomy so now I’m so confused and am looking for similar experiences as mine. I look forward to hearing from

anyone who may have had a similar experience. 

Hi Simi

My case wasn’t similar to yours, but from what I’ve seen, the outcomes from lumpectomy if offered, are not really any different from mastectomy & it’s it’s less invasive, with a less complex recovery & treatment options ie recon, then the surgeons will tend to recommend it.

I can totally understand you where you’re coming from, hopefully one of the others can advise with direct experience of this.

ann x 

Hi Simi

I was diagnosed with 5cm of high grade DCIS, and was offered either mastectomy or lumpectomy. I was very concerned about the cosmetic outcome of both procedures since there was a large area to be removed. In the end, I chose to have a lumpectomy with oncoplastic reconstruction.  That is, during the op the surgeon moved around the remaining breast tissue to recreate the right shape, and resited the nipple. It did leave me with a significant size difference compared to my other breast, and I’ve since had reduction surgery to the other side to restore symmetry.


When you’re first diagnosed, there is so much to get your head round, and you have to make decisions while you’re still reeling in shock from the diagnosis. In the end, I followed my surgeon’s advice and I’ve always been really glad that I did. I still have both breasts, the scars are barely noticeable and two years on, I have my life back. But I have been in your shoes and know how hard it is. So sending you a hug, wishing you all the best for the future.