Dcis intermediate stage... surgery versus watchful waiting

I hope you don’t mind me posting

 but I’m in a very confused and indecisive place.  I’m at the stage of dcis intermediate 8/8 on hormones I’m 53 and clearly not gone through menopause.

I have small breasticles. 

Theyve done three lumpectomies but margins are still not clear and now there’s talk of mastectomy but I wondered about watchful waiting or other options. 

Can I push for a fourth go at getting the margins clear has anyone had more than three lumpectomies. 

My dcis was picked up on mammogram in the form of calcifications. Diagnosed October 2021, but had calcifications a couple of years before and its probably possibly been missed. I have since changed hospital. 

I’ve been asked to come back next week after yesterday’s appt to think about and discuss options and he’s said mastectomy is advised. 

I have had such a trauma ending up with ptsd at the other hospital that I know he’s concerned about my emotional state and anxiety around surgery. I don’t want that to be the reason for not trying again. I am fully aware it could well end up with the same outcome and margins remain not clear but I’m only small too so my thinking is surely there can’t be much left so maybe a fourth might just get it. I was 0.8 not clear initially and went from 3 to 1.4 cm I think of calcifications. I don’t know what it is now. 

I’m a bit lost with it all and want to ask others. 

I equally don’t want to be given the opportunity to resolve it and then not take it and end up with invasive cancer. I’m just all over the place as it feels like I’m making a decision on something  which may never happen in my lifetime but on the other hand could. 

Kind regards Janey 

Hiyer Janey,

I don’t have an answer I’m afraid, as its not something I have experienced - but bumping your thread back up on the list of ‘today’s posts’ in the hope that someone sees it, who has experience.

Hi there

i had low grade DCIS in 2012 4mm… I had x 2 lumpectomies to get a good clear margin…I still ended up with a recurrence…this time high grade …so ended up with a mastectomy…I am ultra cautious …I could not live with watchful waiting…it would induce too much anxiety…but we are all very different people.

i wish you well with your decision