Hello everyone. I’d like to ask those of you who have had lumpectomy’s for DCIS had all clear and have fully healed- how long did it take for you to loose the dissolvable stitches? I’m at 5 weeks post op tomorrow, and I understand I have a way to go, I’m just wandering x TIA

Hi @jaynie1
Good to hear that you have had the all-clear, for the lumpectomy.

With your question regarding the stitches is it that you have some remaining ones on the scar? if so I would advise mentioning this to your nurse and she should be able to remove them for you. I had a mastectomy with DIEP reconstruction and was in with my nurse yesterday to have the dissolvable stitches that were popping out removed, as they sometimes pop out of the skin and take longer to dissolve. My nurse also recommends massaging the wound site as this not only improves the appearance of the scar long term but can break down the stitches.

I hope this helps with your query? x

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Hello again. Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I have some extra health issues that will affect my healing time. I’m on warfarin therapy for an inherited clotting disorder, I am also type two diabetic which also slows down the healing process so I may not heal within the usual 6-8 weeks which is the usual expectation. I will be at six weeks on Tuesday 21st May so I’ve been advised that it may take 8-10 weeks so stitches need to stay put for longer. Hope all is going well for you xxx

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I didnt have any stitches outside but inside. I have no idea if they’ve healed internally but outside looked ok after a week or so. If its not healing, I’d get a dr to check. I’m sure it will be ok soon xxx

Dear Jayne,

Well done forgetting this far with your surgery, as you mentioned you have other health problems and everybody heals differently, including myself I always seem to end up with an infection one way or another.

I would say look after yourself, good food and take one day at a time maybe have a chat with your breast cancer nurse who will be there to point you in the right direction should they be concerned.

I feel everything will fall into place. Wishing you lots of love, going forward with lots of health and happiness ahead.

Hugs Tili :rainbow::pray::rainbow::pray:

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Hello everyone. I’m now at week 6 + 3 days since surgery. I have been checking my wound and taking regular photos of the healing process. Can anyone advise if it would be helpful to anyone else for me to do a post on them for others to see. The first photo I took was about a week after surgery and today’s photo is 6 weeks and three days after surgery. So just two photos for today

Don’t know if I’ve done this correctly. Thanks