DCIS,mastectomy and reconstruction / complications

Hi ,
I am 34 and In July I was diagnosed with high grade of DCIS, because of the size of the DCIS 4.5 cm and size of my breasts I had to have a mastectomy on my right breast. My doctor recommended mastectomy and immediate reconstruction, using implant and mesh. Unfortunately because of very thin skin, 10 weeks after the surgery my skin started breaking down and implant had to be removed. Now I have to wait another 8-10 weeks for a new surgery. I was very lucky , DCIS was not invasive, no further treatments were required, but once I started slowly going back to my previously life before the DCIS … My implant had to be removed. I would like to find out if you are experiencing similar complications ?

Hi Natalka007

Whilst you are waiting for the other users to reply with their knowledge and experiences you might find it helpful to talk things through with a member of staff on the helpline.  Here you can share your questions and concerns with someone who will offer you a listening ear as well as emotional support and practical information.  The number to call is 0808 800 6000 and lines are open today 10 to 2pm and weekdays 9 to 5pm.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator 

Hi Natalka
For this very reason, I have opted for a bilateral mx without any recon or implants which I have done next Friday. It’s a very personal choice but I did loads of research on it and spoke to lots of people re implants as I knew I DEFINITLEY didn’t want more surgery with LD or Diep recon. I had a very high risk of implant failure due to previous radiotherapy which has caused skin to thin and my risk of having a complication exactly as you describe so for me I chosento have nothing. My Cancer is triple negative and invasive and I did not want any risk of a complication and then a delay to chemo

I am sorry to hear your implant didn’t work out for you, that’s awful and a bit unlucky but it does happen and I don’t think implants are always as straight forward as they seem

There are lots of ladies on here who will share the positives though I’m sure , and there are lots of them that have had no problems.

Like actual breast cancer itself, it seems that surgery is also a very individualised thing. So you have to do whatever feels right for you

There is a closed fb group called flatnfab if you do decide not to go for any further econ and those ladies have chosen no recon are are inspirational too

Good luck

Hi Brewster ,

Thank you for your reply…
For a very long time I was unable to talk about my diagnosis and not many people know what I am going through. I think I am going crazy. I found it very hard to have my implant removed :frowning:

I have had exactly same op as you and dx, my dcis was4.5 and my skin is very thin too, but i swelled up rather than broke down, so was put back on painkillers and told to keep an eye on my temperature in case of infection. The swelling took nearly 4 months to settle. I am still oiling it one yearon. Luckily my wound wasdown the side so it didn’t burst open.
have they said if you can have an expande in to take it more slowly?