Dcis, mastectomy then reconstruction. Implant after 6 weeks.....what feels 'normal?'

Hi there
I realise I am a very lucky lady (if you can call it that?) that I was diagnosed by a doctor on my outpatient appointment who thought I should have a biopsy, even when my mammogram and ultrasound were not flagging anything up except maybe ‘tissue mass’
From diagnosis to op was 3.5 weeks. Amazing. I cannot fault my care in the least. Everyone has been so very kind…the though of it all does make me cry.
I had a mastectomy due to size of cancer and my lack of size! Reconstruction with saline implant done at same time. They’ve done a great job. I feel very fortunate not to need any further treatment.
Just wondered if anyone still felt any sort of tightness or stinging sensation? My implant feels quite squashy in areas and more spongy and less ripple in others. Is this normal?
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Hi, I had the same as you last August and had implant replaced with silicone implant and another silicone on my good side, to achieve symmetry. I’ve had a lot of stinging sensation on my good side Nd vaguely remember having it on my mx side. I think it’s where the muscle has been stretched. Keep taking the painkillers and rest up
Good luck

Hi! I wish I could answer your query but you’re a few weeks ahead of me…but perhaps you can help me?

Its been 3 weeks since my Mastectomy, with an immediate Implant and 3 Lymph nodes removed. For me it was a quick diagnosis as in had invite for breast screening in February,  followed by 2 biopsies in March, then results received beginning of April (DCIS 4.7mm and a High Grade C) followed by the surgery in May. I am feeling in limbo about what my treatment plan plus am still waiting for my post operation results! Meantime its been a bit difficult to deal with pain due to having spent the first week with attached drainage, and subsequent underarm pain. Just when I seem to be managing pain (with painkillers), I’ve spent this week not being able to breathe with ease due to the discomfort of the implant! Even my other breast, which has not flagged up any concerns is starting to feel pain…perhaps in sympathy…Did you have any of these problems with the healing? Thanks in advance for any advice/support you can give. :smileyfrustrated:

Hi PAT31 and welcome to the BCC forums where you will find lots of support and shared experiences from your fellow users

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Here’s a couple of links to the DCIS information /further support page which you may find helpful:



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