DCIS mastectomy with reconstruction

Hi All
Just back from hospital with the above diagnosis. Bolt out the blue never expected anything like this. Thought I’d be told “yes there were some marks on mammogram and we’re going to keep checking you”. How wrong can you be!
I had lumpectomy 25 years ago and was given the all clear after so thought that was that. Because of treatment I had last time I may sound stupid but I’m really not frightened,upset yes but its all still sinking in.
Go next week for discussion with consultant but opted not to have op till after holiday in July.
Good luck to you all on here.

Hi Cooper ,welcome to the forum.Sorry you are having to go through this again after so long .I guess prior knowledge can make it less scary but not surprised you are upset, b***** cancer, you can do without it really can’t you !!!I hope you manage to enjoy your holiday are able to recuperate in the sun during the summer .Jill

Thank you Jill1998 now have to face up to telling the family. Dreading this bit as my Dad is 94 and not too good at coping with anything that may hurt me…typical Dad really plus we lost my Mum with this so its a double whammie as far as he’s concerned.

I know what you mean about telling people it’s the almost the worst part of it as you just want to protect close family and not cause them worry.I managed to get away with not telling my 87 yr old Dad as he doesnt live locally and I only had a lumpectomy managed to convince him I had a gynae op !At least you can tell him that this one has been caught v early and chances of full recovery very very good .

Think I will leave saying anything for as long as possible. I go visiting every saturday so will have to own up to something going on at some point. Will keep your suggestion on standby thank you Jill

Thank you cookiefairy that sounds good too. I’d been toying with idea of if perhaps the op was on a monday and I’d be out before it was time for saturday visiting and then I wouldn’t have to own up to anything. Your suggestion is a lot more sensible than mine thank you