DCIS returned MX discussed - awaiting biopsy to confirm

I had DCIS 4 years ago and had 2 lumpectomies followed by radiotherapy. I had my annual check up last Wednesday and the scan shows more DCIS. I didn’t realise I couldn’t have radiotherapy again on same breast so consultant is talking MX plus reconstruction after I have had a biopsy.
As this all happened just before Easter I am still waiting for an appointment for the biopsy and it’s been the longest week of my life and I haven’t even got started yet!
I am on holiday at the end of April and the consultant has promised to have the biopsy done and results back before I go so I know what I have got to deal with. I’m told that they couldn’t do the MX for at least 3 weeks after the biopsy anyway so there’s no reason not to still go and no reason I cannot still fly.
The consultant believes it is ‘only’ DCIS (how shallow the word ‘only’ seems in that sentence!). I am trying to keep positive and upbeat - at least on the outside anyway but truth is I am crumbling inside with the thought that it might even be worse than DCIS.
I am sitting at work now with my phone in front on me waiting for it to ring so they can tell me when the biobsy is going to be so I can start to deal with this.
How do you cope with the waiting?

Dear Duffer56

I am so sorry to hear you find yourself in the waiting room. You may find it helps to talk things over with someone on our Helpline- they can offer practical information and emotional support. The opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays. 0808 800 6000.

Take care

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The waiting is not nice is it? The uncertainty in the pits! Once you know what you are dealing with it is so much easier to cope - hope you hear soon and that you don’t allow it to spoil your holiday.

All the best


Thankfully the hospital have arranged biopsy for Mondaynand the results for Wednesday. At least if I know what I am dealing with I can start to prepare mentally and emotionally.
i am sure the consultant is expecting DCIS - I am just keeping i everything crossed that its no worse than that. God knows that’s going to be bad enough to deal with but I at least want a little bit of comfort that it hasn’t had the chance to spread.
am crossing all fingers and toes

Results delayed - find out tomorrow. Am scared of what’s coming

Hi Duffer56
I will keep my fingers crossed that its ‘only DCIS’ - which as you say sounds wrong to have ‘only’ in the sentence but remember once you have a diagnosis its easier to deal with than the waiting. I am 3 weeks post mx and expander recon and in the starting gates for the next phase - chemo starts on Wednesday. I hope they get you sorted before your hols with a plan of attack.
Thinking of you