DCIS. Stage 0 grade 2 WLE SNB

Hi everyone. I got diagnosed with DCIS stage 0 grade 2 back in early November. I had my WLE lumpectomy & SNB last thursday 11th of January. Seems like im not getting better …if anything the pain is getting worse. So had to go to my gp yesterday to get tramadol for the pain. Also 50mg of sertraline. I thought i would breeze through this. But mentally and physically taking a huge toll. My husband returns to work on Monday. I have 3 children aged 2, 7 & 15. And im so nervous i wont be able to manage on my own. Is anyone going theough or been theough similar? How long did it take you to be able to do things arojnd the house, drive and lift etc. I get my results on the 31st. And im petrified i may need more surgery or even chemo if it moved to my lymph nodes. I just want this be over!

Hi @charl1989 I’m so sorry that you are going through this when you have such heavy responsibilities with three young children. I’m much older than you so didn’t respond to diagnosis in the same way so I hope that people of your age and situation can add their stories here to give you some comfort and reassurance.

I know that you don’t have your surgery results for a couple of weeks and - I think we all agree that waiting for results is the worst bit about this as your mind goes to all the dark places - BUT if you have been told that it is a DCIS then it won’t have spread. DCIS are lumps that have not become invasive and haven’t broken out of the ductal wall (hence In Situ) so try not to worry on that score. I had both an Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) and also a DCIS which were taken out together and, despite one lump being invasive, it had not spread to my lymphs and I did not have to have chemo. The same is true for thousands of women who have Stage 0 and Stage 1 cancer.

Good luck with the results meeting and I hope that any further treatment, if necessary, is easier for you.


Thank you for responding. Its just hard to believe that it cannot spread otherwise i dont understand why they take the lymph nodes to be tested. And also they have no way of telling me how long my lump had been there for. I think my lump is considered large at 38mm though im not sure? Its all just a really horrible time. My mind just wont switch off. Hope you are okay? X

Please make sure you ask all of these questions at your results appointment. Will your husband be able to accompany you? It’s easier if you have someone in your corner. Make a list of your questions on your phone and ask the surgeon if you can record the session so that you can go back not only to listen to the answers but also the tone of voice in which he or she speaks because often reassurance comes from that.

None of us on the forum can answer any of your understandable questions in the way that your medical team can but my recommendation is, if you haven’t already, to speak to one of the Breast Cancer Now nurses on 0808 800 6000. You can say what you’re feeling to them and they won’t rush you. You’ll feel better for having spoken to someone who has worked in breast cancer care but who hasn’t got to rush off in 5 minutes due to manic workload at a hospital. Please give it a try :pray:

PS yes I’m fine. I’m a year and a half in front of you and am feeling very much like my old self.