DCIS surgery/results how to cope with the waiting

Hi, I was diagnosed with a small DCIS last Friday (no idea of the grade they didn’t tell me).  I’m booked in for a WLE on the 13th September, however I’m really struggling with how to cope with the waiting. 


My mind is spinning with how the operation is going to be, whats going to happen when they take me down to theatre, my fear of being knocked out and how will it be afterwards and what to do if my results don’t show a clear margin!


Given I’ve still got nearly 3 weeks before the operation and I’m not going to get my results from surgery until 3 weeks after that, I’m just wondering if anyone out there has any useful hints or tips on how to deal with all the waiting without driving yourself mad?



Hi Crystal tips. I had a WLE  and a further re-excision to get clear margins in June and both operations were fine for me. If the area of DCIS is very small you need to have a fine wire inserted into the breast so the surgeon knows where to operate. This procedure was done in the mammography department and was a little uncomfortable as is a mammogram. Before the operation the anaesthetist comes to see you to discuss your state of health and allay any fears you may have. Before the operation the anaesthetist puts you to sleep usually by inserting the anaesthetic via a cannula on the back of your hand. The operation takes about 40 minutes and then you are taken to the recovery room. When you come to you are given tea and toast or a sandwich. Before you go home you are given tablets to take with you for pain relief but I didn’t need any after either of my operations. I am a born worrier but I can assure you the actual operation isn’t really anything to worry too much about. My DCIS was classed as high after my operation and I’ve to have 3 weeks of radiotherapy. I hope your operation goes well, you don’t need any further surgery and you don’t need any follow up treatment.

Hi crystal tips, I had a WLE on the 15th August and I was worried before as well, I took lots of walks, pottered in the garden, caught up with friends and family. I also did a lot of word searches and colouring I know it sounds a bit odd but it really helped me as the time just flew by. I’d also recommend making and freezing some meals as you’ll need to take it easy for at least a week or 2 after the op, 76ag has fab advice, it was the same for me the staff were fabulous reassuring and supporting me during the whole time I’m not a very good patient I panic at everything . Good luck with everything Clair xxx

Hi Crystal Tips


i had my operation last Wednesday.  It took nine weeks in all as I had an MRI scan and pre-op appointments.  I found the wait really difficult as I wanted to get the surgery over and done and restart my life.  I gardened, decorated, cooked, saw friends and went to the gym almost every day and focused on getting fit for the operation.  I now have a lovely garden ready for the winter, a very clean and tidy house with a newly decorated bedroom.  I am now able to relax and concentrate on recovery.  My op was a total success and due to all the time taken to double check everything my mind is at rest that everything that could be done to get rid of all cancer cells has been done.   Good luck with everything I wish you well.