DCIS week after surgery - confusing conversation with nurse

I  had surgery a week ago, and the nurse called today to call me in tomorrow to see a doctor. My surgeon wanted to see me next week but I chose to go in tomorrow. The conversation with the nurse was a bit confusing though, as she did tell me I had clear margins, which is obviously wonderful news, but she appeared to be holding something back due to protocols too. I hope this is just that I have to have radiotherapy which would be fine and I am prepared for that. She did say there would be no further surgery at the moment at least. So that is what I must cling for for 24 hours on my own.

Hi T,occasionally they find v small areas of invasive cancer when they remove DCIS ,it wouldn’t change your treatment plan or prognosis very much at all ,she may just be ringing cos they feel you would benefit from Radiotherapy though .Fingers crossed .Jill.

I think some of these people really are in the wrong job !!I have met some wonderful medics over the last 2 years and some who really shouldn’t be dealing with people who are vulnerable and a state of high anxiety at all.Let us know how you get on.

Glad it helped you be prepared ,I have spoken to a few ladies where that has happened ,they never really know 100 % what you are dealing with til they analyse what has been removed,the biopsies can miss tiny cancers .Good news is it’s a very small cancer and it’s all gone .They may well offer you Radiotherapy and if it is hormone positive Tamoxifen .They will discuss the pros and cons with you of both .

Ps did you get a better response face to face than on the phone ?

Good ,hopefully you will know what happens next soon .

A week after diagnosis I went to a new GP as recently moved about a different subject. She read my notes and briefly discussed the cancer.  Then gave me a scrappy piece of paper and said if you need to talk ring these.  And then looked at her watch. I apologised if my appointment had overrun and she said lets hope the other people waiting agree!  And on the piece of paper she had written Samaritans!  Whilst I’m sure they do amazing work there are far better resources to direct people to. Won’t be seeing her again. 

Hi T ,welcome to the forum .What a horrible and inappropriate way to deal with such difficult anxiety provoking stuff .When you feel strong enough you should make a conplaint and yes wouldn’t bother seeing her again if you have a choice .You need support and understanding right now not impatience .Best wishes .Jill.