Dcis, wle

Hi i had dcis high grade removed and partial Reconstruction with chest wall flap, it turned out it wasn’t exactly where they thought it was and a lot more complex so was in surgery longer than anticipated went home and was told due to the surgery no driving for 6/8 weeks but felt fine have been out walking since day 4 after op, back to most housework, shopping around 6 weeks, taking care of grandchildren etc but now at 9 weeks and about to start radiotherapy I’m feeling shattered. 

Don’t know if I have pushed myself too much ?or its a side effect of coming g off hrt and not sleeping well .

Thought i would be totally back to normal by now and have this nearly all behind me apart from rads . I cannot seem to get a answer from nurse o  how long a recovery time.

Well wishes to all on here

Hi bdsc,

I answered another post very similar to yours a few days ago, someone wondering why they felt so tired and yet they were many weeks after surgery. I think you’ve answered a few of your own questions here - stopping HRT (as an early menopause person I can empathise I am exhausted, yet can’t sleep!), not sleeping well, carrying on doing as much as you can physically - but there is the fact also that the diagnosis itself and the mental/psychological effect it can/does have. Even if you are a very positive upbeat person, and weren’t terrified out of your mind, the appointments, emotional difficulty of the lead up to and diagnosis, the surgery and getting ready for rt can be tiring, amongst the myriad of other ways that BC can take over your life for a while - your active treatment isn’t finished and there will be thoughts still in your head about everything going on. Many people find that the toll of the whole process does catch up with them until later sometimes (I’ve noticed from reading on here), and there can be a bit of crash for a while. You don’t mention if you’ve also started a hormone based treatment ? I remember it wasn’t until many weeks after rt that I started to feel ok-ish, and I was cleaning 2 days after surgery also and driving pretty quickly. I was pre-menopausal then though

I think, everyone is so different and its hard for a BCN to say when you will ‘get back to new normal’. 9 weeks isn’t very long at all to be honest in the scheme of things, be easy on yourself, see how you go over the next couple of months, bearing in mind a side-effect of RT is tiredness. Monitor your mood and go easy with the child-care I would say :slightly_smiling_face: I’m not a clinician of any sort by the way, but if you are really concerned then do talk things over with your GP or treatment team, it sounds like you’ve already done that with your BCN though.