Does anyone know after you have had surgery and lymph nodes removed how long should it be before you can drive, I still cannot pick anything heavy up with my right hand as it is still painful. I had surgery on 30th January 2009. I sometimes cannot believe it all has happened to me. I feel like I have to do things because other people tell me to, I thought after all this i would not worry about other people and what they say.

Hi Lindalou. Had a lumpectomy on 25/2 with (possibly) 4/6 lymph nodes removed. Haven’t had the results yet from the operation.

I drove for the first time today to get to a physio session. Only 5 minutes away but road humps all the way there. And did I feel every one! Mine was on the left side and it was painful every time I moved my arm backwards for gear changes. Pins and needles at the end of the journey and felt queasy from the bumping.

All hospital staff tell me to just do what I can. However I’m trying to push myself forwards every day otherwise I just can’t measure the progress. Unless you have a very heavy car for steering it’s worth trying out a short drive to see how you get on.

Hi lindalou
I hope you are feeling on the mend slowly but surely. You are right. Don’t listen to everyone’s ideas; after all, they haven’t been through what you have.
I was dx with br ca in 2006, had a mastectomy and 8/12 nodes positive. Even after a few months, if you have had a rough day, you might feel the twinges more that day so don’t worry or alarm yourself. Are you still regularly doing those exercises that help to move the lymph fluid and strengthen your arm?
Unfortunately, I have been dx with bone mets last month so I have now started active treatment. I feel quite cheated because I am a positive person, who was doing all the right things, and when I was feeling on top of the world again, after chemotherapy and radiotherapy the 1st time round, back it comes.
Keep your spirits up and PM me anytime.
Take care.
Dee xx

Hi Lindlou

I had a bi lateral MX on 26th Feb with node clearance. The literature I was given by my hospital said it was OK to drive again after 2/3 weeks. Being an independant person I took to the wheel again after 2 1/2 weeks. Yes I was aware of the scars but nothing too bad. I checked with the insurance company and mine said as long as the hospital was OK with me driving so were they.

I am trying to do the recommended exercises and find things are OK from the operation site. My problem is with the inside of my arm where the nerves have been disturbed.

Go with what feels right for you.