Hi this is my first post. Had a Guided Wire Excision on Tuesday, DCIS suspected. Going back to hospital tomorrow, not sure if results will be ready, as Doctor said 7/10 days, or if they will just remove my dressing. Feeling anxious and in limbo. Could anyone tell me how long results usually take. Thanks.

Hi, Sorry you’ve had such a lousy start to the new year. I waited 7 days for my results so don’t know if that is normal or not.
Good luck, the waiting is just horrible I know.

It is difficult to wait, but this time seems fairly normal. If they have the results they will tell you, otherwise they will check the wound and stitches and remove the dressing if it is ready. Try to do something nice in the meantime.

Good luck,

Thanks for your comments. Dressing removed but no results. Wound looks good, longer than i expected about 2.5 inches. Feeling sore now the dressing is off and can only sleep if i wear a bra, is this normal? Best Wishes.

Sleeping in a bra - yes, absolutely normal and much more comfortable. And the firmer, the better. Just bought a sports bra for high impact and feel much better having everything held tightly in place.

I doubt I’ll be using the sports bra for anything else afterwards though! Running? Pah, that’s what the car keys are for! :slight_smile:

Thank you, think i will invest in a sports bra too, for sleeping only. I will not be jogging anywhere in the near future!

Sleeping in a bra is recommended at first. It is more comfortable, and it helps hold everything together. I think some people go over to the camisoles and vests that give some support after a while. When most of the swelling goes down, treat yourself to a proper fitting. You may find that you need a different style for comfort, or something with a nice soft lining.

My surgeon told me to wear a sports bra 24 hours a day for the next three weeks. And I wished I’d had it for the journey home from the hospital as every pothole had me wincing, hence the detour to M&S straight from the hospital. Much more comfortable. (Obviously I didn’t just buy ONE at it’d be minging after three weeks, so I’ve now coughed up £36 of money that I don’t have, but hey, I’m a lot more comfortable.) There are some very jazzy pink ones, purple ones, black ones, patterned ones…

Some hospitals seem to provide a surgical bra, wonder why they don’t all do so?