I had DCIS in 2010 had an area removed 15 sessions of radiotherapy but today I noticed that the breast is a bit swollen on top and there is a large hard area which is painful is this normal or would I be sil ly if I asked to see the breast care nurses I don’t want to waste anyone’s time and feel I maybe over reacting

Hi Miss Chippy

i am at the beginning of my DCIS journey having recently had WLE with reconstruction at the same time. I go for results on 25th fingers crossed. I would anticipate however, after my treatment is finished I would hop into my BCN at the first sign of any change, be it painful or not. Ordinarily i am not a dramatic person and mosey on just getting on wiith life. But in the face of this unfair and totally inconvenient condition, we have been given every facility to help us stay healthy, therefore I would NOT HESITATE to contract them. My advice would be DO IT first thing tomorrow. Good luck and let us know how you get on x
Take Care
JF x

Thank you JF I will ring them first thing tomorrow morning. I hate to make a fuss and it turnes out to be nothing but you are right I was very lucky that they found my DCIS it was on my first ever mamagram .
i wish you well and hope your results are positive
Terri x

Hi There! I don’t think you could ever be called silly for getting changes to your boobs checked out. Give the bcn a call first thing, hopefully it’ll prove to be nothing suspect and they’ll put your mind at ease. Take care xx
Emma x

Terri , I had DCIS in 2010 too, had WLE and 28 rads and Tamoxifen.
I thought tamox kept me safe but this Jan I found lump in other boob . When I saw the doc he said it wasn’t cancer because I couldn’t get cancer on Tamoxifen.
Luckily he still sent me for mammogram and ultrasound and it turned out to be a new primary which doesn’t respond to tamoxifen so currently having chemo then op etc.
On the plus side for you they say cancer doesn’t usually hurt, so there is more than a good chance there is nothing sinister, but definitely get it checked out to make sure and let us know how you get on, it’s always good to hear the good news .