Went for a routine mammogram and was called back, was not worried as have a benign lump on RH side. Had a closer mammogram, ultra sound and was shown some calcification in my left breast, odd spots but also a cluster so an 8point biopsy taken. Told it would be nothing, something or at the worst DCIS. So back for the results for the oncologist to say she was shocked it was DCIS and high grade. 2 areas so an MRI booked. Luckily I have Bupa at work so took advantage of this only for the MRI to show 6cm and not the original 3.5. As only a B cup to much breast would be taken so a mastectomy was the surgeons recomendation as he is also not certain nothing else in there also…So ahough not happy ( obviously) I now just want it gone and the wait for the results.  Will have a reconstruction at a later date as not sure what else might be needed ie radiotherapy and don,t want to mess up a reconstruction with any further treatment . Just want it done and know the results. Done lots of reading  on here and elsewhere, always need to know as much as poss8ble. Good luck everyone who has just been diagnosed  and going through surgery this month

Hi Daisiemoo just wanted to say hello and I am airy m sorry for your diagnosis. I have intermediate DCIS in my left breast and am awaiting MX with immediate DIEP flap reconstructio 1st may latest. I have been going through every emotion possible. I think the surgery will be ok but the emotional side is another thing. I have had a lot of support through this website plus a lot of kindness and inspiration from others. Still a long way to go but should all be ok I think. Would like to wish you all the best with your own treatment and hope we can support each other. Sending a big hug x

Thanks kathrynb, it all feels very surreal at the moment and emotionally I am very calm which I am surprised at, although did get a little depressed on Saturday when I went and brought my post op bras. But this lasted only until I got home then back all practical again. 4 years ago my partner had prostrate cancer which he has the all clear and during that time we ended up with quite a warped sense of humour regard8ng everything to do with his treatment which is what we are doing now, probably why I feel ‘calm’ except my blood pressure says otherwise as causing a problem to keep,under the accepted level for surgery…


Hi Daisymoo just wondering how you are doing? I am awaiting my Op on 1st may. Feeling quite anxious about it all to say the least! How are you and what stage have you reached with treatment. Kathryn x

Hello Kathryn, I have had my masectomy and had to have a further op the following evening to get rid of a  heamatoma which came up but out home last Thursday.


I have gone onto the Surgery 2018 section as a few had surgery at the same time and was interesting to see how we all were / are doing.


Almost back to normal feeling wise, slight pain sometimes when I stretch and a funny vibrating feeling or pins and needles at times. 


Results on the 24th and then we will see where we go with planning reconstruction or whatever.


Hope you are doing ok you will find your surgery date will soon be here and over, check out the what to take to hospital section in surgery tips as quite useful.


Take care x

Hi Daisiemoo just wanted to say hello I am so sorry for some reason I have only just noticed your previous message. I do hope you are doing well and more importantly that you got good results on 24 April? I had my surgery 1 may. Been a rough few days but slowly feeling a little more human. Can’t wait to get out of hospital and pray I can move on from this after my own results. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine xxx

Hello kathryn
Just wanted to let you know im thinking of you.

Thanks Kathryn, I will be having rads & Tamoxifen and then hopefully all ok.


Hope you are doing ok xx