Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with DCIS 4 years ago, had 3 lumpectomies and radiation. The DCIS is back again and I am waiting for a date for a mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. It’s the waiting that is really stressful, can’t plan anything, feel as if my life has been put on hold, hopefully will feel better when all cleared and starting to heal. Haven’t told any of my family or friends, only my husband knows, so am feeling a bit isolated, but it has helped typing this message out. Anyone out there waiting for a date … ?


Hi JayB,

I think you might find more response to your post if you put it in the recently diagnosed section, as most people who are doing the hormone therapy aren’t waiting for surgery.  I’m sorry to hear your DCIS has returned.  I hope it gets sorted out soon.



i was diagnosed with DCIS back in April thinking it would be a straightforward surgery to remove it, I have had three surgeries, they couldn’t get a clear margin, I had my mastectomy two weeks ago and four lymph nodes removed as well, I go back tomorrow for my results…it’s a very worrying time as you never feel you’re going to get told anything good again…I had immediate reconstruction with an implant. I have a great surgeon and all went well. I’ll not lie to you I’m an in pain, make sure you get strong painkillers from your GP.


i hope you get your date soon xx