Hi everyone


I’m 45 and a couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed with DCIS. I have my operation next week to remove the cells/lumps one at 4mm and the other at 6mm. 


I’ve had a bit of conflicting info with regards to radio. One breast nurse and consultant said I would be having it, but another nurse said that it would only be done if absolutely necessarily, as once radio has been carried out, you can’t have it again.


Has anyone has a similar op/experience?




Hi LotStan


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It sounds like your DCIS has been discovered very early which is good. 


Radio is usually given for invasive ductal carcinoma, however I am not sure about DCIS. The nurse was correct saying that once someone has had radio to a breast, it will not (or not normally) be given again.

I suggest you either phone the Breast Cancer Care helpline and speak to a nurse or post in the ask a nurse section of the forum.


Your consultant will fully test the tissue removed, both the DCIS lump and the  margins, ie the area immediately around the lump, before making a firm decision re any other treatment which may be recommended.


I hope it all goes well.

Seabreeze x

HI I LotStan

I had my DCIS removed at the end of September. It was a similar size to yours. I’m starting my radiotherapy on Monday for three weeks. My margins were clear and I was told that the radiotherapy was to make sure that it didn’t come back. I hope that all goes well for you.


They will also grade your DCIS. It can either be low grade, intermediate grade or high grade. At my biopsy, my DCIS was graded as intermediate, but once removed and investigated by the pathologists it was graded as high grade.