DDA-Time off work for hospital appts

Hi girls

Im looking for any info about entitlement to paid leave to go to hospital appts.
Im more than happy to use my work’s flexi policy for GP visits, as they are only a couple of miles away.
However, the two hospitals I attend are 76 and 130 miles away and that means a day off work each time.
Up till now, Ive taken days off, but Ive been told I may be able to have paid time off.
Anyone have any experience of this ?


The disability act - says you should be given time off and not have to take it off your holiday entitlement, but there is no obligation to have it as paid time off.
My employers are very good and give me as much paid time off for appointments as I need.

Macmillans do a leaflet about the DDA and that is what it says in the booklet.


Hi Cathie

I am posting the link to the Macmillan booklet mentioned by Marion:


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