Dealing with Hysterectomy for Endometriosis worsened by Tamoxifen

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Started a thread on this on old forum but can’t find so here goes again.  2 years on Tamoxifen (post IDC, surgery & radio) led to horrendous pain, bleeding and fatigue as well as depression.  Severe endometriosis diagnosed so obs/gynae  scheduled full hysterectomy plus endo surgery for next month.  Would love to hear anyone else’s experience of similiar especially if positive.  As I am early 40’s so premenopausal, am concerned about impact of surgical menopause esp as I was ER/PR + so can’t have HRT.  Have been told that Citalopram can help with hot flushes and night sweats as well as mood swings.  I have a high pain threshold & snapped back from childbirth, miscarriages & BC surgery so believe me when I say the physical pain from the endo plus the fatigue and depression has been far more debilitating than anything I have had previously.  Really hope this will resolve it and if doc puts me on AI instead of Tamox after surgery, that it is easier to put up with.  

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Sorry you haven’t had any replies yet.  I think I found the thread you started previously.  Here’s the link:

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