debate to have masectomy on both breasts for Lobular cancer

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I have been diagnosed with lobular cancer and after MRI, ultrasound & biospies will meet surgeaon again this week. The left breast has cancer in at least than 4 spots and hence likely for masectomy. Given I am 65yrs and the cancer hard to detect I think I should have both breasts removed to fight cancer as a priority and be able to move on without anxiety. I have chosen (am choosing I think) not to have reconstruction as the surgery is a major additional hit on my body (older at 65) and it has post surgery risks. How do others feel about this. It is the difficulty in detecting lobular cancer that really bothers me. You can have it and they struggle to find it. 

Thank you

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Thank you for your post.

I am sorry you haven’t had any response yet. I am hoping my response will help our members see your post and share their experience and advice.

In the meantime, please remember that for any clinical questions our nurses are here and happy to talk things through.

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I have been diagnosed with DCIS for the second time. I had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy 3 years ago. After my yearly mammogram last year I needed a biopsy (benign), this years biopsy showed DCIS had returned. So my surgeon told me this time it will be a mastectomy. I have requested a double with own tissue reconstruction. My breast surgeon and plastic surgeon have been fabulous. They’ve listened to my reasons for wanting a double. They’ve sent me away to think. They’ve phoned me to discuss and generally made themselves available to answer any questions I have. 
I understand completely why you want a double. For me…. One side for my physical health the other for my mental be health. I have spent the last 3 years ‘waiting’ for each mammogram.
As long as you are 100% with your decision and your surgeon is happy with your reasons, then you are on the right path. Reconstruction is a personal decision and it’s different for every one of us. I wish you well going forward.

I was talking to the gals at my Dentist office. We were all born in 1960!

I was saying a friend had a lumpectomy and is now disfigured and very depressed. 

The one gal said 12 years ago she decided to NOT do one side and instead have a double mastectomy and reconstruction immediate after.

She had some temporary nerve issues, and long recovery time, 2 years total.

Now, she looks and feels great. She said the best part is she does not have to wear a bra. lol! We were all slightly jealous about that bit!

Good luck dear wishing you the best.