Dec chemo

Hi everyone, ive just joined the forum this evening. I’ll be starting FEC 100 chemo on 5th December. I’m grade 3, lumpectomy with clear margins and nodes. They tell me the chemo is preventative. It doesn’t make it any easier. I’m scared. Hoping the thread will help me to get thru it with all of you xx

Hi cmccorry, and welcome! I’m sure there will soon be people joining you on the December thread. But if you need any advice or encouragement from people a little bit ahead of you on the chemo trail, feel free to drop in on the earlier threads! I started in July so I’m mainly on that thread, but I have had a huge amount of help and support from the lovely ladies on the May thread. Meanwhile, good luck, and you can do this!

Hi again, just discovered there’s already another Dec 2017 thread, no worries!

Hello tatyana, thank you for the advice on using earlier threads. so good to hear that you’ve had the support to help get you through. Talking to others in the same journey does make it seem less lonely. How are you getting on with treatment?