December 2016 Starters

Hi all

And here is the December 2016 chemotherapy starters thread!  Hopefully it will become a lively and supportive thread for all of you having to go through your various regimes of chemo. Please do not be too worried - you will all get through this. For some it may be harder than others, as side effects tend to differ from person to person, even if on the same regime. Sharing your experiences will help others, even if you never see them posting. It is also a great place to share your frustrations, ask questions, laugh, cry, rant and rave. I finished my chemotherapy and radiotherapy on 26th October 2016 and shall be ‘lurking’ to support you , where it may be relevant. 

Any side effects you do get please note them down for your treatment team. If they become too challenging and you advise them accordingly, they usually tend to adjust the accomanying medication to make your journey easier. Most side effects experienced in the first cycle are likely to be the same throughout, as long as you are on the same regime.

Here are some helpful links for you to prepare and support you.

Chemo preparation -…

If you do not have a PICC or similar port installed and you are on FEC throughout - you may wish to ask for one to be installed. FEC is quite tough on your veins. This thread may be of help though for all of you -…

And this one covers everything from food to make up and wigs - you may have to explore in more depth to find something specific you are looking for -…



I’m due to have my first chemo (FEC-T) on 6 December, having been diagnosed on 15 November with a 3cm tumour with lymph node involvement. They’re going to try and shrink it first before surgery because it’s a bit straggly and badly positioned, so fingers crossed… Had my CT scan this morning and getting an MRI on Monday, so they’re keeping me busy with appointments. 


I’ve been lurking on the November board, but things didn’t move that fast!

I’m starting my chemotherapy on December 14th.  Going to have six cycles of FEC-T.  Had surgery on October 28th and it was found to be in two lymph nodes.  Was diagnosed on September 23rd, so it already feels like it’s been going on for a while!  Bit nervous about the chemo since there seem to be so many possible side effects.

Hi ladies, just to say, yes you can shuffle to the loo at any time.  I was lucky as sat opposite the toilet so I could jump up when it was free ?.  You just take your pump with you on its wheels. Mind if you have a cannula in though, wear loose clothing that’s easy to pull up/down.  Fiddly tights are not a good idea.  

Good luck with your treatments.  I’m having my second FEC next week ??

Hi everyone,


I received my start date for chemo today and will begin on 28 Dec 16.  All of a sudden this has become very real after what has seemed like a lifetime of waiting (I was diagnosed in Aug 16).  I am absolutely petrified about what is to come.


Take care


Hi all

When I saw the oncologist last week, he was still missing some of the biopsy results (PR was missing and HER2 was borderline and had gone off for further testing), and then last week I had a CT scan and MRI is tomorrow. My next appointment is the chemo preassessment nurses on Friday but I don’t have further appointments booked with the oncologist. Does anyone know when I’ll find out the results? I’m so anxious about the CT results and because everything has come back as bad news so far I am dreading that streak continuing. 

Hi everyone,

I am going to be starting chemo in a week or two so I think I belong here :slight_smile:


I am actually looking forward to getting on with it even though I do understand that no one knows exactly how each person will react to the drugs and it wont be easy. Im trying hard to be optimistic and positive.


It would be good to have other people to talk to about it who understand which is why I am here X


I have been given two leaflets about chemo one is FEC and the other is Taxotere (docetaxel) so I presume that is what I am going to be treated with…treated with it sounds like it is going to be something lovely lol


Anyway I have lobular BC 2.6mm with lymph node involvment and am ER positive…

looking forward to giving and getting some support here

Andrea XXX

Well I’ve now been booked in for a scan on the 2nd, 5 days before my chemo starts to check the large lump under my arm… oncologist said something about a possible haematoma but the fact that he’s sent me for a scan has me worried. I also have a marble sized lump come up under the scar on my breast… it’s a bit painful too so now I’m wondering whether to mention that too and have it checked out. God it’s never ending :confused:

Well rang my BCN yesterday and she’s arranged for them to scan the lump on my breast as well as under my arm… plus it’s been moved forward to tomorrow rather than Friday.
I also asked her about picc lines and she said they prefer not to use them because of the infection risk and usually just take everything out after your chemo session. Not sure if I’m pleased about not having something attached to me all the time or worried about the pain of having needles stuck in me all the time :confused:

Thanks for the info sue… I’m having 6 x fec so maybe I need to ask about this at my pre assessment appointment on Monday (first treatment is Wednesday)

Hi All.  I had my grade 3 lump and 2 infected lymph nodes removed during October half term.  I have my pre assessment on Tuesday (6th) and found out today that first session of chemo is on Friday (9th).  Just want to get this show on the road really, I have 3 FEC and 3 T.  Then radio and hormone drugs. 


Had my hair cut from long to short on Monday, as I wanted some control and I have been using onicolife drops on my nails (took some advise from another thread) and have bought some OPI nail varnish in navy for my toe nails.  Trying to get everything in order before the 9th. 


My main concern is that I am due to get married in August next year and I am concerned that I will put weight on with the steroids (fitted dress already bought) and I just dont know whether to postpone the wedding and if I am going to be fit enough.  Dont really want to postpone as we need something to focus on as a family.


So much disruption from a small lump! 


Great to have a chemo group to belong to…

I hope this goes to the right place as I accide started a new thread last night. I’m having my first FEC today. Going to try the cold cap. Feeling a bit queasy with nerves.

Well girls just had the phone call and am booked in for my FEC first chemo session on Friday pm


Oh the weird mix of emotions…I am delighted to be getting on with attacking the cancer at last yet Im sort of shaking and feeling like just running away from the reality of it


Determined to be positive though, will order some onicolife nail stuff once I am back in my home town on Monday (away for a long weekend just now) 


Bit concerned that I already have a sore mouth, unusual for me, possibly oral thrush, probably due to stress I expect.  Using corsidal twice a day and it is working but Im guessing it will return once chemo starts, not ideal :frowning:

Andrea XXX

Hi all. As an early December starter I can tell you that I’m ok. A bit icky but ok. The cold cap was bearable for me the worst part being the really tight chin strap. Let’s see if it works. I’m tired and will go to bed early. My feet feel a bit funny. Cold but not cold almost burning but not sore. Can’t describe it any better! Hoping that’s gone by morning. I was sent home with steroids and anti nausea for tomorrow and a different anti nausea in case I need it. Have pre-empted and taken one. Not really hungry but had some toast. Drinking water. Ladies I’ll let you know how it goes in case of use to you and I read below about the nails with interest. Saw the stuff referred to in Boots yesterday and nearly bought it but changed my mind! Will order some. Xx

Hi all. I had my pre-assessment meeting today and have been cleared to start on 6th as planned. This just got real.

I have been using the Onicolife drops on my nails for a 2 weeks already and have to say my nails are hard and longer than they’ve ever been, I’ll continue to use them after treatment. I ordered them on line. Well done to all those who’ve had their first chemo this week, can’t wait to have my first one next Friday x

Hello everyone.  I got my appointment letter for the wig clinic yesterday, so of course last night I dreamt I went along to it, they only had one left and I went home with a pantomime wig!

That’s really interesting Sue. I have just had an axillary clearance and am due to start ECX6 3 weekly cycles in seems to be the norm here to go straight to the vein. I have read about requesting PICC or other line and the BC nurses seem very vague and dismissive about it. I really am very keen to have a line to avoid vein problems especially as can only use one arm for veins! Why are they reluctant to put in lines do you think, is it the infection risk? Xx

Thanks Sue
I am seeing Breast care nurse next week having drain from surgery out. I will ask again and push a bit. I suppose it’s the oncologist consultant who makes the decision! Xx

Would be great if those of you that have already started chemo could provide updates (if you are feeling up to it) on here, I know everyone is different but I personally would find it really helpful to hear what everyones experiences are.  I have assessment clinic on Tuesday and hope to have my first cycle on Friday. 

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