December 2017 Radiotherapy



Just starting the December thread for those of you who are continuing into December and for the ladies who will be starting in December.


Helena xx

Good evening - I’m from the May 2017 chemo forum and that’s where I’m staying but I’m also going to join in on here as and when. I’m starting rads on Wednesday, being so close to the end of the month I consider I’m more December than November!

Hi Ladies

1st one of fifteen tomorrow, getting rather nervous, roll on 18th December.

Hi Jay and Sister and of course Helena keeping us on the right path.

I start on the 6th Dec 15 normal and 5 boosters due to finish in the 3rd Jan. First 7 days of tamoxifen done. It’s all just a countdown until we come out the other side. Good luck to everyone.
Ruth x

Hi all,

My 15 start on the 4th, finishing on the 22nd Dec. One of my tattoos seems to have disappeared but take it they can see them.

Angela xx

Hi Angela
2 days before me snd so lucky to finish before Curistmas. You can’t really see my tattoos either as I have so many freckles and moles but they told me not to worry as they know where they are looking. Is anyone else doing the deep breath hold?

Ruth xx

Hi Ruth,

Thank you, just didn’t want anything to delay it, so that’s good to know.

I’ve read about that technique but it wasn’t discussed with me so assume not maybe because of asthma

Sister - hope you got on ok today

Angela xx



As the other ladies have said dont worry about the tattoes they will find them.  I kept finding that no matter what I did the markings that they put on would rub off within hours of them doing it, I was so worried but they told me that it was not a problem and they just reapplied them the next time.


The breathing technique is if you are having rads on the left hand side




Two done, 13 to go. I will finish on 18th too.

I’m working through, having afternoon appointments. Exhausted already but I’m hoping it will get easier now I know the routine. I’m reluctant to stop work as that’s the fun bit! I could have dropped off to sleep during the treatment today as soon as I lay down, but had to stay awake to do the breath-holding!  Anyway, got out for a lovely evening walk and that cleared my head from the stress hormones so I’ll sleep well tonight. 

Good night!


First one done today and all ok at the moment, mines on the right side but I do have to do the breath holding. The worst is the travelling back and to.

Hope all goes well for everyone xx


Ahhh mine is the right side and okey doke if they need to dot me again it’s fine they were no bother. My first one is at 8.30 in morning and hoping the rest are that time. I’m not too far away from mine

Angela xx

I had my fifth one today.  Joining the December thread.

I don’t want bells until 3 weeks after rads, thanks.  I’m horribly depressed, but did manage to not cry today.


Hi all, 

I had my last round of chemo last week so currently waiting on my radiotherapy appointments coming through, which I envisage will run throughout most of December. Not sure what to expect but hoping the side effects won’t be as bad as those from the chemo! I’m also hoping I’ll be well enough to get myself too and from the hospital without having to rely on family everyday for 4 weeks. Can anyone advise me on how you feel immediately after radiotherapy and whether you feel fit to drive?

So I’ve had the first rads today - 1 down 14 to go…


Can honestly say so far so good - didn’t realise it had been done until they came back in the room and said that’s it you can go! 


Amazing equipment - couldn’t help but lay there feeling impressed by the technology of it all!



It helps to read how everyone is getting on and tips. Are you able to wear your normal bra, I assumed it would be ok for a while.

Pecan - you ok?

Angela xx


Thanks, I’m gonna sound like a real weirdo. I hate having mine off at all, I even sleep with a bra on lol. Maybe invest in a bralet or something for Home then

Angela xx

Evening ladies … my first post !

Had my CT scan and three tattoos for the radiotherapy planning today (not that they are really like tattoos) … oncologist said the other night that they might not start treatment (20 sessions) now as it would mean a gap in sessions over the Xmas bank holidays so it would probably start in January but I’ve been given a Dec 11 start date … so what happens Dec 25 & 26? I see some ladies have had treatment on Boxing Day but where I’m based is closed.

I did ask at the appointment today but they didn’t seem to know so I guess I’ll find out on Dec 11th.

I’m hearing on another group that some places get you in on Saturday to get round the problem … Saturday appointments just never entered my head!

Thank you Helena I’ll defo get a look, though after my WLE I got my own bra on and took the sports bras I had bought back as they turned me lol. Don’t know why but think I’m gonna have to invest any for going back to the gym when allowed xx

Hi everyone I have Just started my treatment today 1 of 20 so not lucky enough to be finished before Christmas. Jay it’s nice to see a famililar face from the amazing may chemo starters group :slight_smile:
I felt wiped out once I got home and made tea but I think the 1hour and half bus journey each way is going to cause me more trouble than the treatment itself. Had a power nap earlier and now struggling to sleep :frowning: . I’m having treatment to the left side and don’t have to use any breathing techniques.