December 2018 chemo start

Hi everyone I’m new to this but have been reading other people’s threads and story’s and some have managed to make me chuckle even when I feel like crying so that can only be a good thing


I’m starting chemo on Friday 21st anyone else about to start or has just started?

This is my story… I’m 37 just been newly diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, also found in my lymph nodes. Starting chemo on 3 weekly cycles of docetaxel and carboplatin and then combining EC

Had a test this week for the BRCA gene 

I’m told I will have chemo then surgery followed by more chemo and radiation therapy so it’s going to be a long journey ahead but going to focus on each stage  at a time


Absolutely dreading chemo but also want to get started and shrink my very large lump it’s alarming how quick it’s growing so the sooner I start the better is what I keep telling myself



just so so you know, there is another December thread. It might be better to join that one.


Good luck with your treatment x


I started chemo in December (6 sessions needed every 3 weeks) and just wondered how people are coping, I’m struggling emotionally this time. Is this normal ?