December 2022 chemo starters

Hi everyone

This thread is for anyone who starts chemotherapy in December 2022 to share thoughts and experiences.

hi everyone. I am 31 and just found out over 3 weeks ago I have stage 2 breast cancer (found a lump), luckily it hasn’t spread. I am starting chemo on 19th dec for stage 2. 4 x AC, followed by 4 x Docetaxol. 3 weeks apart. so 6 months total. I will then be getting a lumpectomy (hopefully) afterwards. Currently going through the fertility process to freeze my eggs. Everything has moved so quick so feeling a bit overwhelmed and tired. But looking forward to getting this started and over with. 

Have read a lot about exercise and diet being key to managing side effects - and my oncologist told me a lot of people manage to live a relatively normal life during chemo - so really hoping i can do the same. 

I am going to try the cold cap too - is anyone else? I have read a lot of good reports. Trying to find out what brand of cold cap my hospital will use so i can prep myself as well as possible! 

Look forward to chatting to some of you :slightly_smiling_face:

All the lovely ladies,

Who are having chemo at the moment I would just like to wish you lots of luck and happiness going ahead there will be good times and unfortunately bad times but we are all there for you so please keep posting and let us know how you’re getting on.

I always say my famous words one day at a time have a notebook with you write down any questions you may have as we can be all over the place at times. Take good care of yourself and all the help offered.

biggest hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow:

thanks i’m a starter and about to have my 2nd cycle on 21st. has anyone else suffered any jitters following the taking of drugs at home?

  • My 1st 3 nights afterwards left me with an awful headache.

Hi there fellow starters, 

I’m getting my PICC line in tomorrow & 1st dose Thursday. 

From reading all your comments I realise I’m quite vague about my overall treatment plan. I’m expecting 12 sessions, one day a week, plus a ton of other drugs that seem to go on forever &  also radiotherapy. I need to expand my knowledge & get to grips with all the terminology & abbreviations in use - a lot of it isn’t making much sense just yet.

I’ve had my hair cut & bought a fluffy dressing gown with a hood - that’s my prep so far!

Good luck with your treatments, I hope the side effects are manageable. 

Hello Ladies  :slightly_smiling_face:

I am so glad I have found this forum. Quick intro: I am 49 and have been diagnosed with Stage 2 Grade 2 ER+ and HER2+ breast cancer…only 7 weeks ago! I can relate to all your whirlwind feelings of medical appointments…this is relentless! Very happy that is seems to be moving forward at a good pace for all of us!
I am on 6 rounds of chemo (3xEC and 3X Docetaxel) with targeted therapy starting at round 4…will feel like a pin cushions soon.
First round was on 5/12: all went well (cold cap and all), but immune system crashed at end of 2nd week and ended up with Fever neutropenia at hospital for a week. Released on Xmas eve though  = results!
Second round was on 26/12: so far so good…steroids keeping me partying on until 3:30am but hey, this is part of the fun! getting some injections for 5 days from Friday to avoid White blood cells crash this time around. Thermometer is defo a must for us Ladies, this will help a lot!
Lovely to hear all of your comments and experience…so happy to be here!
Lots of love to all 

Saying hello!

I finished 3 cycles of EC and now started docetaxel last Friday of 2022.

EC was quite ok for me apart from 1st one, nothing really to complain much (however I still have some pain in fore arm and hand as EC was very harsh for my veins)

Docetaxel is a different story for me however. It’s my day 3 after chemo and it is hard. I don’t really like to complain, always trying to think it can be worse, but it’s not easy. Im having pain in my jaws, and bones pain in my legs and feet so standing and going to the toilet is a challenge. Im taking paracetmol and ibuprofen as advised, sometimes it helps but sometimes not really. And there is constipation present too. I never had that kind of issue in my life so learning how to help myself. I know what I should eat or drink, what kind of food to avoid, but so far every morning spent in the bathroom is very uncomfortable. Yesterday took first time ever Laxido but don’t see much difference to be honest.

I know all of this this is temporary and I am grateful I don’t have temperature for example or any other issues, so just need to be patient and survive today and hope tomorrow will only be better.

Im here if any one wants to talk.

It’s been over a week since I had my first Docetaxel chemo and I am still not up and running like it was when had EC chemo. I have to admit this week was really nasty. The worse I had since I’ve been diagnosed almost year ago. Im so happy the worse of it is behind me, however there are still 2 chemo I need to take…

What is your experience with stronger painkillers? The dark side of them is problem with constipation which definitely will be my problem. I am in situation when I will need to balance pain as side effect and pain when going to the toilet. Not sure what is worse…

Sending love and hugs xxx

Hi everyone

I’m new to the forum, but started my chemo back in December.  I’ve done 3 EC (which have been pretty horrendous) and start 3 Docetaxel in about 10 days time.  I’ve felt so nauseous with the EC (even with a variety of antiemetics) that I’ve been in bed for about 7 days each time just staring at the ceiling.  I’m day 11 post cycle 3 and still some nausea and the shakes.  TBH I’m ready to give up.

Hoping some of you might be able to give me an idea of what to expect with the docetaxel? Chemo nurses have said not as bad, but different side effects to manage.  
Definitely in need of some moral support for the next phase!


Hi All

Today should have been my last chemo. I have done 3 x EC and 2 x Docetaxol so far. today is another docetaxol. I found out from Oncologist on Thursday i’ve only been receiving 75% of the doce dose so they want me to have a 4th round to make up for it. Frustrating but makes total logical sense. 

I am cold capping with Dignicap which is working out well for me. i’m thinning but i don’t have any bald patches. Since the last round though i’ve lost a lot of my eye brows and lashes.  Still have some hair on arms and slow growth on legs but under arms and down there hair has completely gone. 

Night sweats are horrendous. I i from extreme heat to dithering all the time in the night. 

Big thing for me at the moment is my weight gain. Since i started chemo i’ve put on about 10kg !!! with the majority of this being with doce despite the fact i’m actually more active than when on EC. I’m being told it’s all down to steroids but this is a massive deal for me as i’ve always battles with my weights and had lost about  8 stone.  Has anyone else been struggling with weight?

Hey all

How are you all doing?

I am just coming to the end of radiotherapy. Two sessions left. So active treatment comes to an end for me. Surgery was October Chemo was Dec- May and now end of radio next week.  

Just wanted to see how everyone else felt when their treatment finished. I am feeling so emotional and anxious about it. I keep getting really upset   anyone else the same ??

Dear earmuffs

Firstly, well done for getting this far. It’s quite understandable how you’re feeling at the moment I can remember being just the same myself. I think it’s like losing your comfort blanket someone around looking after you all your hospital appointments then all of a sudden it comes to an end.  Just remember on this forum we’ve all been there and we are here for you.

I feel sure your family and friends will still support you,  I fine Breast Cancer it’s not like breaking your arm when you have a plaster on it and people say something. Oh what have you done I promise you you will get there just take one day at a time, maybe arrange a cup of tea with that special friend, I also the moving forward group was a great help to me was able to discuss how I was feeling with others in the same boat.

Wishing you health and happiness going forward, be kind to yourself, please come back and let us know how your getting on.

biggest hugs Tili ???

Hey all. So I had a really good response to chemo according to MRI - full response. I had lumpectomy and sentinel biopsy in June and got my results on Thursday. Lymph nodes clear they got everything out in lumpectomy but there were some residual cells in the area they removed. So given I’m HER2+ I’ve been advised to do kadcyla. Bit deflated as I was prepared for the herceptin injection for 9 months, the thoguh of more infusions is awful ? but I know it’s for the best!! So next steps, radio, kadcyla, start on hormone treatments. It’s never ending right??? ;( 

Dear emc,

So pleased to read you have had a good response to your treatment, push ahead with your next hurdle you sound very positive which is always a good sign.

Wishing you well going forward, with lots of health and happiness ahead, 

biggest hugs Tili ???